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Unlock key building and facility insights with IBM TRIRIGA

IBM TRIRIGA® is an intelligent real estate and facilities management solution. Through the smart application of data, IoT and AI, TRIRIGA helps you unlock key information and insights, giving greater visibility into space and facility utilization, occupant experience, capital projects, and lease administration and accounting. With TRIRIGA — backed by data security that only IBM can provide — you can get the most out of your real estate investments regardless of size, scale and configuration. That’s why it’s the choice for 4 out of the Fortune 5.

Key benefits:

  • Improve space and facility utilization
  • Create a better workplace experience
  • Optimize lease administration and accounting
  • Maximize capital projects
  • Scale to your enterprise

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Learn and optimize with IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights

IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights uses IoT and AI to deliver actionable insights to help building owners and operators better understand and manage occupancy, and improve the performance of their facilities.

Key benefits:

  • Improve utilization of space
  • Identify building consolidation and expansion opportunities
  • Take preventative maintenance actions
  • Create better workplace experiences

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IBM Global Real Estate Group talks TRIRIGA

For today's real estate and facility management professionals, it's no longer about brick and mortar, or mops and buckets. It's about using technology, understanding the data, and winning the hearts and minds of employees. Discover how the IBM Global Real Estate group uses TRIRIGA to deliver the right space and the best experience throughout 78 million ft² and 1300+ locations.

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