The IBM Student Training program provides students of all backgrounds the chance to achieve industry-recognized credentials. Whether in cloud, analytics, data science, security, or more, these skills are a differentiator that can help you stand out in your chosen field.

Get Trained – Virtual – Live and On-demand, or Face to Face

  • Participative counseling and collaborative learning practices help students learn concepts and tasks that are complex, involving different component skills, and cognitive processes
  • Instructors break down complex concepts or tasks into their component parts and provide students opportunities to perform these skills or cognitive processes separately.
  • Instructors point out key aspects of the task so students know where to concentrate their efforts

Teaching Method
 IBM certified experts with both academic and industry expertise provide instruction to students using active learning methods like simulations, case studies, small group learning and problem-based that foster deep and intentional learning

Professional Credentials
Coursework that leads to industry-recognized badges and in-demand skills needed to break into a new career field including Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, Security, and more.

Comprehensive Course Material
Well-researched course material ensures comprehensive coverage of all basic concepts, ample practice tests, on different topics, covering all the technology areas. Innovative curriculum jointly developed on industry specializations, based on skills requirements of diversified organizations across the world.

Industry Relevant Projects
A program which helps students learn team-based project execution methodologies and solve problem statements in a structured approach with continuous mentorship

Hackathons: Our hackathons comprise diverse teams collaborating intensively to quickly develop new technologies and solutions. They help students widen perspective and apply knowledge in practice while collaborating and competing with peers.

Masterclass: An immersive online session for a deep dive on a specific topic with an IBM certified expert, this is delivered over a streaming platform that makes it possible for students to delve into the latest on the technology, understand industry use cases, and clarify concepts.

Industry Visit
IBM data center visit to see use case of projects and clarify concepts and practical application of the technologies they have learned through IBM SME discussion.

IBM Day with Students
IBM Day is a one-day event on campus featuring short conference-style talks, discussions on current work, career opportunities, and a 360 degree view on a topic from the latest technologies including AI and Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cloud, Cybersecurity and more.


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