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IBM Online & Self-paced

Online & Self-paced

The platform is available online, is self-paced, and can be accessed through any device anytime, anywhere.

IBM Journeys


Users can choose courses from each of the 3 journeys: Explorer, Innovator, & New Collar.

IBM Learning Paths

Learning Paths

Courses are grouped by learning paths such as Cloud, AI, IoT, Blockchain, etc. Microlearning – based training.

IBM Digital Badges

IBM Digital Badges

Digital credentials are recognized, respected and valued globally in the IT industry. These can be shared on social media sites such as LinkedIn.

IBM Cloud lite Account

IBM Cloud lite Account

Users can develop new solutions, innovate and build on the IBM Cloud lite platform.

Virtual Assistant & Live Support

Virtual Assistant & Live Support

Helps users navigate the website and understand what courses and learning paths are available.

IBM Dashboard

My Dashboard

Track your progress & badges, discover great tools offered by IBM, and view your bookmarked jobs.

IBM Search Learning

Search Learning

Users can search for courses using the search learning bar on the platform.

Achieve your career goal with
Industry recognised learning paths

IBM Explorer


People keen on learning about the new emerging technologies and industries

IBM Innovator


Helps accelerate innovation & enables users to bring their ideas to life.

IBM New-Collar

New Collar

For those who want to align their skills to the job market.

What is an IBM Digital Badge?

IBM Digital Badge

Your achievements will be represented by a digital badge with verified proof of your qualifications and the process necessary to earn them.

Benefits of IBM Digital Badge

Combine your credentials to form a complete overview of your skills.

Display your accomplishment in your e-mail signature.

Display your qualifications on social and professional networking site.

Provide employers with easy, valid verification of your credentials.

Explorer, Innovator & New Collar

IBM Explorer
IBM Innovator
IBM New-Collar

*These badges are a few examples of what we offer through the platform.

Value Proposition and benefits

+ Value Proposition

Basic, practical and advanced learning on emerging technologies.

Digital Badges
Digital credentials are recognized, respected and valued globally in the IT industry.

Users can learn Design Thinking and agile methods and develop new solutions with integrated access to IBM Cloud lite platform.

Cost Efficient
Pay fixed price for 12-month user subscription which gives you access to the platform and all courses.

+ Program Benefits

Gain skills on digital technologies such as Cloud, AI, IoT, Blockchain, Data Science & Analytics, Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing, professional/soft and industry skills.

Self-paced & Microlearning-based online training.

Gamification of education through IBM digital badges

Project-based practical courses

Journey and Job-role based courses