Why IBM tape media?

Is your data center facing increasing demands for data retention, security and availability? Typically, 80% or more of data is never or infrequently accessed after 90 days.

Tape is the optimal media for storage of cold data. IBM tape media solutions are designed to help reduce your costs while providing you with the assurance that your data is safe and secure.

With 65 years of tape storage innovation, IBM continually raises the bar on protecting your data. IBM extensively tests our tape media on IBM tape drives and libraries to drive manufacturing and quality improvements. You gain peace of mind in sourcing media from a trusted, time-proven tape technology leader.

IBM tape media

Featured storage media products designed to prolong tape media life

IBM LTO 8 Ultrium Data Cartridge

According to ESG, the expected ten-year TCO for the LTO-8 data retention solution is 86% lower than that of an all-disk solution and 66% lower than that of an all-cloud storage solution. Delivers 12 TB native capacity and up to 30 TB of compressed capacity, with double the storage capacity of previous generations, for significantly greater efficiency, performance and long-term data preservation and access.

IBM Tape Cartridge 3592 Type E

Delivers the advanced durability, quality and innovation that you expect from IBM. Protects your investment by supporting media re-use, which enables the drive to reformat and upgrade prior-generation media cartridges.

Enterprise storage media

IBM 3592 Tape Cartridge

Enterprise high-capacity tape media is designed for reliability and supports media re-use by enabling the drive to reformat and upgrade prior generation media cartridges.

Midrange storage media

IBM LTO 8 Data Cartridge

Delivers 12 TB native capacity and up to 30 TB of compressed capacity.

IBM LTO 7 Data Cartridge

Delivers 6 TB native capacity and up to 15 TB of compressed capacity.

IBM LTO 6 Data Cartridge

Delivers 2.5 TB native capacity and up to 6.25 TB of compressed capacity.

IBM LTO 5 Data Cartridge

Provides up to 3 TB (with 2:1 compression) of capacity in a single cartridge.


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For warranty support on IBM branded media in the United States and Canada only, contact ibmmedia@us.ibm.com.

Note: If the library isn’t able to copy the data off onto another cartridge, then call an IBM ServiceRep to request the cartridge sent off for data recovery.

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