What is Capacity on Demand?

Capacity on Demand from IBM brings together dynamic, pay-for-use consumption with leading business continuity and agility, allowing you to dynamically activate one or more resources on your private server as your business peaks dictate. IBM has long been a leader in providing flexible capacity, making it easy for you to scale up by temporarily or permanently activating dormant processor capacity and memory resources within your system.

Why capacity planning is right for your business.

Discover the benefits of a secure, flexible server capacity strategy

Granular metering

Pay for for use by the minute, plus get real-time and historical usage monitoring and analysis, giving you greater operating flexibility.

Lower costs

Lower your initial base capacity by up to 50% and reduce compute capacity costs by 20-30%.

Security with scalability

Get the security you expect from on-premises private cloud but with the added scalability you traditionally associate with public cloud.

Find flexible consumption models for all your capacity planning needs

With the consumption-based infrastructure model of Capacity on Demand, you can get rapid hybrid cloud infrastructure expansion while balancing the flexibility of public cloud infrastructure and the security and reliability you’d expect from on-premises data centers.

Get the right servers for flexible consumption

Choose the right platform that scales with your needs

IBM Power System S922

The performance, virtualization, reliability and availability you need to help enrich and expedite your social and mobile solutions.

IBM Power System S924

An entry-level, cloud-enabled-server designed to handle data-intensive, mission-critical workloads.

IBM Power System E950

An agile, high performance four-socket system that is ideal for cloud deployments with built-in virtualization and flexible capacity.

IBM Power System E980

Delivers extraordinary scalability, performance, flexibility and availability for data centers with demanding AIX, IBM i and Linux applications.

Get the right tools to manage your server capacity

The IBM products you need to simplify the management of Capacity on Demand.

IBM Cloud Management Console

This service, hosted in the IBM cloud, monitors your Power System infrastructure for easier management and decision making about purchasing credits, setting limits, etc.

Elastic Capacity on Demand

Activate processor cores or memory units daily, as long as you need to, by using a Hardware Management Console to temporarily enable the resources.

IBM Global Financing

With payment plans designed to align infrastructure investments with workload needs, IBM can help you start projects sooner, improve cash flow and enhance business results.


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