App Modernization for Financial Institutions

Most financial institutions are on a journey of transformation that includes core modernization and expansion of their ecosystem leveraging the increasingly broad set of industry providers of various banking functions. Take the route of customer-led progressive modernization of the core or select surround banking applications to deliver maximum ROI faster.

Core or Retail Banking Transformation

Revitalize the heart of your banking platform to develop an open-banking ecosystem that is customer-centric, flexible, scalable, open, future-ready and cost effective in the long-run.

Payments & Lending Transformation

Meet & exceed customer’s need for frictionless, fast, self-service payments in this new on-demand & highly connected economy by modernizing payments systems and achieve more secure, efficient, faster, and information-rich payment experience.

Customer Experience Transformation

Orchestrate superior customer engagement across multiple touchpoints to deliver seamless, digital-first, and real-time contextual experience banking experience and gain relationship-based product, pricing and offer management platforms.

Hybrid cloud

Now you can get the cloud you want and simplify life for developers. With IBM LinuxONE III your hybrid multicloud gains industry-leading levels of control, flexibility, data privacy, security and resiliency.

With Red Hat® OpenShift® and IBM Cloud Paks® on LinuxONE your developers gain a standardized cloud native environment to accelerate time to value and deliver new digital and AI services.

Automate hybrid cloud

Learn how automated management can optimize hybrid cloud.

Gain agility

“Fast, flexible foundation to support our growth trajectory.”

Cyber resilience and security

Your customers require 24/7 availability and the best security. Minimize the impact of internal and external attacks by isolating workloads to ensure continuous service, and go years between downtime with cyber resilience.

Protect data

See how you can protect from internal and external threats – at rest and in flight.

Scale with security

Securely scale up to thousands of workloads isolated from internal and external threats.

Share data securely

“We can now easily and securely open our systems and data to customers.”

Data serving and consolidation

Consolidating workloads onto denser, centralized computing platforms, such as IBM LinuxONE III, is an effective way to reduce IT expenses.

See how you can simplify IT operations and reduce costs – and keep data secure.

Reduce constraints

Learn how workload consolidation resolves data center constraints and mitigates costs.

Lower costs

“The more we consolidate onto the LinuxONE platform, the further we will reduce our operational costs.”

Innovate with flexibility

“Since there is no need to add more infrastructure to scale up, we can limit our physical footprint.”

Digital assets and blockchain

Blockchain transactions are irreversible with a single point of vulnerability: the private key. LinuxONE provides the building blocks for digital asset custodians, exchanges, issuance providers, and permissioned blockchains to build differentiated solutions with hyper security to protect your private keys, applications and data.

Digital asset solutions

Explore three critical responsibilities for digital asset custodians: safekeeping, connectivity and compliance.

Digital asset platform

Meet IBM Hyper Protect Digital Assets Platform.

Secure digital assets

“The DACS solution on IBM LinuxONE is designed to trust no one; not even yourself.”