IBM Cloud App Platform for Hybrid Cloud

Integrate IBM WebSphere® Application Server and IBM Cloud Private in a single platform solution, under a flexible consumption model that changes with your needs

What can WebSphere do for your business?

Learn how to determine the best hybrid cloud approach, across the WebSphere Application Server family. Hybrid cloud computing, modernizing existing apps in a microservice architecture and API lifecycle management. Don’t know what any of that means? It’s easy — start here.

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Modernize your legacy WebSphere applications with containers and microservices

Application modernization is one of the most critical initiatives you will face in business today. Traditional applications can be modernized by moving them to the cloud to speed in-market delivery and improve developer productivity. By modernizing your existing WebSphere Application Server applications and creating a microservice framework, you can leverage your current investments to deliver new capabilities at your own pace — while reducing complexity and costs.


Icon for support for multicloud environments

Support for multi-cloud environments

Choose from native, virtual machine and application container deployment methods.

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Flexible licensing models

Determine the best fit for your business needs now and in the future

Icon for intelligent management features

Intelligent management features

Improve operational reliability, scalability, availability and manageability

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Enhanced security and control

Take advantage of broad support for security standards and integrated management and administrative tooling

Icon for increased developer productivity

Increased developer productivity

Benefit from easy installation, fast startup and the ability to dynamically respond to application or configuration changes without the need for future runtime migration.

Featured offerings

WebSphere Application Server

Use flexible runtime environments to create and connect applications, and optimize your entire environment whether on premises or across public, private or hybrid cloud.

WebSphere on Cloud

Experience WebSphere Application Server on IBM Cloud by choosing a traditional or Liberty installation of WebSphere Application Server.

WebSphere for z/OS

Incorporate your enterprise Java applications into the highly scalable and secure environment provided by IBM Z® and IBM z/OS® for trusted, real-time response to business opportunities.

Open Liberty

Use this lightweight open source application server, which is the foundation of the WebSphere Liberty family,  to build Java microservices and cloud-native apps.

IBM Voice Agent with Watson

Enhance call center operations by connecting to IBM Watson® services, such as Watson Speech to Text, Conversation and Text to Speech services.

WebSphere Remote Server

Deliver reliable, security-rich operations and centralized management of technologies across networks with several to thousands of remote locations and devices.

Reactive Platform

Revitalize existing applications and build new applications that take advantage of advances in distributed architecture and cloud computing.


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