How NLU pricing works

NLU item

# of NLU Items = # of Data Units * # of Enrichment Features

Data Unit

1 Data Unit = 1 group of 10,000 characters or less


Extracting Entities and Sentiment from 15,000 characters of text is (2 Data Units * 2 Enrichment Features) = 4 NLU Items

Custom Model

A custom model refers to an annotation model developed with Watson Knowledge Studio. Custom models can be used to teach Watson the language of your domain.

Pricing Calculator

IBM Cloud Plan


Pricing ($/NLU items/month): 

Free 30,000 items

Custom Model ($/model/month): 

1 free custom model


Pricing (USD/NLU items/month):

  • Tier 1: USD 0.003/ NLU item for first 1-250,000 items
  • Tier 2: USD 0.001/ NLU item for next 250,001 to 5,000,000 items
  • Tier 3: USD 0.0002/ NLU item for next 5,000,001+ items

Custom Model (USD/model/month):

USD 800

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