Harness the power of AI in a comprehensive cloud integration solution

Meet escalating demand, help reduce costs and increase operational agility across extended teams with an AI-accelerated integration approach. IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration includes flexible software components for hybrid cloud, which, when put together, make up the broadest set of integration capabilities available.

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Application integration ↓
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API management

Application integration

Enterprise messaging

Event streaming

High-speed data transfer

End-to-end security

Automation foundation

Shared components

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Build once and reuse

A set of common AI and automation components power each IBM Cloud Pak and provide security-rich integrations between them — so you can build once and then reuse across your business and IT operations. Key components include:

  • Process mining to identify trends, patterns and details of how a process unfolds
  • Task mining to find low-hanging RPA opportunities
  • Robotic process automation to automate repetitive tasks
  • Unified asset repository to store and share reusable automation artifacts
  • Single event hub to process event data in real time and feed machine learning

Work orchestration

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Personal, interactive AI

Give workers their own interactive AI — in tools they already use, like email, calendars and Slack® collaboration software — to help them perform routine and mission-critical tasks faster. Initiate work easily through chat and then a powerful AI engine goes to work combining prepackaged skills based on organizational knowledge and prior interactions.

Enterprise-grade containers

Cube with connectors inside

Deploy anywhere

The automation foundation and IBM Cloud Paks are containerized software that run on Red Hat® OpenShift®, an enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform. Such containers are ready to deploy anywhere: hybrid cloud, multicloud and edge. Red Hat Open Shift offers one point of control to simplify orchestration across all of your environments.

IBM certifies and manages the container templates to automate the software lifecycle from configuration to monitoring, scaling, compliance and patching. Security hardening techniques reduce the chance of even common vulnerabilities.

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