Product feature spotlights

Intuitive file sharing

Move files across on-premises and multicloud environments with an easy-to-use interface that simplifies file uploads, downloads, sharing and distribution. Easily drag and drop files and folders to transfer to any storage location. Assemble files into a digital package, and use an email-like interface to send to one or more recipients. Organize your files and users into secure collaboration workspaces. Enable users to submit data to shared inboxes.

Screen capture illustrating the file-sharing and delivery capabilities of IBM Aspera on Cloud

Workflow automation

Automate file-movement workflows for many common transfer jobs. Custom automation workflows can move files between many IBM Aspera® on Cloud transfer endpoints, such as shared folders, transfer nodes, shared-inbox and package deliveries. The workflows can be triggered by a variety of methods, such as API calls, operator manual intervention, file-arrival events and shared-inbox file submissions. The new capability enables you to integrate Aspera Orchestrator and Aspera on Cloud workflows.

Screen capture illustrating transcode and upload files to the cloud using Aspera on Cloud

Central administration of hybrid environments

Connect to all your cloud and on-premises storage and remotely manage your transfer nodes with a single easy-to-use interface. Store and readily access files and folders in multiple cloud-based and on-premises storage systems. Configure access to transfer nodes located in your data center or on any of the following market-leading cloud platforms: IBM Cloud™, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google. Establish network policies that govern how transfer nodes interact with each other.

Screen capture illustrating the capability of IBM Aspera on Cloud to centrally administer hybrid environment

Real-time visibility and control of transfers

Monitor transfer activities in real time, while embedding your brand into every communication and web asset. Manage transfer activities, storage usage and digital packages in real time. Monitor activity logs and service alerts. Manage membership in workspaces, user groups and shared inboxes. Easily create a uniquely branded web presence by customizing email templates and logos to match your brand identity.

Screen capture illustrating the capability of IBM Aspera on Cloud to provide real-time visibility and control of transfers

Built on the Aspera transfer platform

Built on the patented IBM Aspera FASP® technology, Aspera on Cloud can move data up to hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP, regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions. Fully utilize your available bandwidth, without impacting other traffic on the network. With direct-to-cloud technology and built-in clustering, Aspera can provide faster performance and automatically scale transfer capacity. Enterprise-grade security includes a powerful access control model, encryption in transit and at rest, and data-integrity verification.

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Screen capture of the Aspera direct-to-cloud technology, illustrating the scalability of the transfer platform

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