Class 1 (July, 2014 – January, 2015)

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Biop Medical

Biop Medical developed an innovative real-time screening tool to identify cancerous and pre-cancerous cells in cervical epithelial tissue, enabling point-of-care cervical cancer diagnoses. The Biop probe can save more than 250k lives per year, while creating a more accurate, more comfortable, and less costly screening process for women.

EGM. Eyes on The grid.

EGM Blue provides accurate, high-resolution full electric grid visualization, including predictive fault alert. The system's benefits include, but are not limited to: management of grid operation, energy flow and balancing, maintenance, energy saving and enable smooth incorporation of renewable energy sources into the grid. EGM is already deployed in Israel, and Chinese grids. EGM saves money and energy during normal operations while providing instant fault recovery during man-made interruptions and natural disasters.


Optibus is an algorithm-based SaaS platform dedicated to providing optimized public transportation planning solutions in real-time. Benefits of this 'green' solution include, but are not limited to: huge cost savings, real-time scheduling, interactive planning, and no technical investments required.

SALEAD. Lead to sale

SALEAD's revolutionary networking platform automates and creates live business opportunities & marketing business intelligence through a unique semantic text analysis engine and innovative entity based crawler algorithm.


Zoomd delivers action discovery to content sites via the web browser, keeping a user immersed in the page's content. A user reading an article is presented with the next browsing content actions s/he would most likely search for, instead of navigating away from the page. The Zoomd IP engine focuses on contextual web search rather than structured web search. It runs a semantic analysis of the page, compares similar users' behavior and web usage patterns in order to prepare a correlated set of actions from an indexed Zoomd Action Marketplace. This, in turn, enriches the user's navigation experience, while creating a huge uplift in monetization revenue for the publisher.

Meet the IBM Alpha Zone First Class

Meet the IBM Alpha Zone First Class

Nathan Low (ZionTech Blue Initiatives) and Dror Pearl (IBM GTU) with the Accelerator's First Incoming Class

Class 2 (January, 2015 – July, 2015)

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Doctome developed an innovative telemedicine platform that enables provisioning of online medical services, using video calls/chat anywhere around the globe, by doctors speaking the patient's language, 24/7, 365 days a year. EHR and document generation is part of the system. Clinical summary, referral to ER, digitally signed prescription and illness approval are sent securely to the patient as a byproduct. The company has proven world-wide experience in development and provision of telemedicine services. The company's customers are global corporations looking to provide added value services to their customers or individual subscribers.

Total App Solutions IQP

IQP is an innovative startup which helps turn IoT applications from a cost center to a profit center by creating new revenue ecosystem models. IQP's code-free platform, which includes development tools and runtime environment, cuts by more than 50% the investment and the time required to develop IoT applications for PCs, mobiles and tablets. The platform enables Telecom companies and hardware manufacturers to sell more IoT applications and generate new recurring revenues. The company has already gained several international giants as its customers such as Fujitsu, KDDI, NEC, Toyota ITC and etc.

Nuro. Secure messaging

Nuro is an enterprise grade secure messaging platform which combines encryption, transparency and compliance into one secure messaging platform.

Nuro allows enterprises to create a secure, private mobile messaging network that includes employees and external trusted partners in a controlled and compliant environment. This enables safe communication and protects organizations from loss of confidential data.

Nuro is implemented as a secured cloud service (SaaS), with a set of APIs for advanced integration capabilities.

Nuro is designed to support BYOD, and for use on multiple devices and platforms, including: smart phones, Tablets and desktop computers.


Tekoia Ltd. is developing the Smart Universal Remote (SURE) technology enabling remote control and monitoring of digital multimedia, connected home, and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Tekoia business model is based on the rich-media mobile advertising and affiliate m-commerce. Tekoia first product SureMote is available on Google Play and is generating initial revenue. The company was founded by an experience management and BOD teams with extensive expertise in the mobile phone market, international business development, and successful company creation.

Zuznow. One click mobilization.

Zuznow's automatic mobile adaptation platform solves every enterprise challenge of transforming hundreds and thousands of web applications to mobile apps. Zuznow develops the first and only AUTOMATIC mobile adaptation platform that empowers enterprises to transform an entire business into mobile in no-time- serving as a one-stop-shop for adaptation of B2C, B2E, B2B and legacy applications to mobile apps. Zuznow serves ~100 customers incl. banks, insurance & telco

Class 3 (September, 2016 – May,2016)

Meet the IBM Alpha Zone Current Class

IBM Alpha Zone accelerator


Data2Life is a healthcare intelligence company that delivers real-world data and insights about drug events, trends and performance to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The company’s innovative platform is the only one that combines, normalizes and cross-references data from three primary sources: Anonymized clinical records, regulatory filings and social media. Data2Life is in the process of protecting its intellectual property – including proprietary data mining and cross-referencing algorithms, clinical event and drug effect analysis, Knowledge Base, and actionable insight reports – through patents, copyrights and trademarks.


HelpAround is a Contextual Patient Support platform that allows population managers, retailers and brands to provide real time guidance tailored to each patient’s specific context. Built on expertise in behavioral ad targeting, the platform powers patient organizations with: (1) regional patient communities (2) insights and analytics into patient activities and lifestyle, and (3) a direct engagement channel based on every patient’s context. HelpAround currently hosts numerous patient organizations including the Costco Diabetes Club. The company serves insurers who look to curb costs incurred by their chronic care populations, pharmaceutical companies looking to offer beyond-the-pill services, and retailers looking to drive loyalty by their most valuable customers.


MedAware provides an innovative solution to the need for detecting and eliminating prescription errors. MedAware’s patent-pending technology uses big data analytics and machine learning algorithms to analyze large scale data of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). By deploying MedAware’s proprietary algorithms to mine the data gathered via millions of EMRs, MedAware’s engine builds a mathematical model which represents real-world treatment patterns. A prescription largely deviating from the standard treatment spectrum is likely to be erroneous. The underlying assumption behind this solution is that most physicians perform well most of the time. Consequently, prescription patterns of thousands of physicians treating millions of patients can be used to determine the “normal” treatment spectrum.

Nutrino - Smart Nutrition

Nutrino is a personalized nutrition recommendation system that works in real-time and based on the latest science. Nutrino is a digital nutritionist. It uses your medical profile, goals, preferences and needs to create a healthy meal plan tailored just for you. Using on going feedback from wearable devices, Nutrino adapts to your needs in real-time, continuously improving its recommendations. While competitors are based on demotivating methods such as tracking and one-size-fits-all solutions, Nutrino requires minimal user interaction and is easy to use.

OBG Soft

OBG Soft offers the EvePro -A mobile health solution that provides doctors, clinics and patients, a complete, online, centralized, data collection, management, presentation, and communications solution for ALL patient information related to the OBG-GYN, and ART process.

OffLA Approved

OffLA Approved is an off line fraud detection system for smartphone e-Wallet providers. The system offers near 100% fraud detection rate, which triggers an immediate prevention process, done by the e-Wallet. OffLA Approved suggests meaningful reduction in both fraud damage and back office costs of fraud handling process. Using the system, e-Wallets might skip passwords or any identification means during most of the e-Wallet transactions, enhancing user experience and usability. Additional identification mean will be needed just in case of suspicion. OffLA Approved covers 100% of the transactions – no need for a change in both acquirer or e-Wallet sides of the transaction.


TrenDemon is a content marketing analytics and automation platform. We help brands and publishers automatically increase revenue from their content by analyzing the customer journeys on their site. Using personalized real-time recommendations and call-to-actions, TrenDemon is able to get more visitors to convert. TrenDemon also provides actionable insights regarding the content marketing ROI, successful customer journeys and traffic sources to help guide the content strategy.

Voiceitt - The creators of Talkitt

Voiceitt is developing Talkitt, an innovative application that will enable people that have motor, speech, and language disorders to easily communicate using their own voice, by translating unintelligible pronunciation into understandable speech. The software based solution can run on any mobile or wearable device, allowing the person to communicate freely with anyone anywhere. The following short video captures how millions of lives will be dramatically improved with Talkitt:

IBM Alpha Zone - Demo Day and 3rd Class Launch

IBM Alpha Zone - Demo Day and 3rd Class Launch Watch the video (04:42)

Class 4 (May, 2016 – December, 2016)

IBM Alpha Zone accelerator


Buddy&Soul is a lifestyle-oriented digital platform that offers a holistic view of each user's emotional needs and provides tools to create desired life's changes in a 24/7 monitored, fun, TV- style environment. In order to interact with the user in such an ambitious scope, we built a sophisticated backend that will track the users on an ongoing basis.


clickspree is a game-changing advertising and recommendations platform specializing in video. clickspree helps publishers maximize monetization from their video inventory, without annoying the viewers by actually catching their right state of mind. clickspree patented technology utilizes innovative machine learning to predict moments in which promotional messages are perceived by viewers as positive experiences. Those precise moments deliver unprecedented 10 times (!) higher click through rate.


DiACardio flagship technology is an innovative image processing technology that, at a click of a mouse, automates the evaluation of “Ultrasounds of the Heart”. Thereby dramatically improving the speed and accuracy with which evaluation can be reached. The product has achieved FDA and CE approval, and initial sales have been secured in the US.


SolarChange is a technological platform based on Blockchain technology that incentives and enhances the use of solar energy. By registration to SolarChange platform, solar energy producers receive SolarCoin - a financial reward. In addition, SolarChange is the base for smart solar energy data. Providing verified, multi-sourced, smart insights and predictions, for a variety of applications: from residential energy efficiency, to grid-scale energy management. SolarChange addresses the US$14.8B market of the exponential growing energy source in the US - Solar Energy.


Profility is a predictive analytics company developing personalized decision support technologies and tools for the post-acute care market focusing on the elderly population. Our customers are health systems that are involved in risk sharing programs where a patient’s health improvement is aligned with economic considerations.


RadGreen has developed an IoT environmental monitoring solution for detecting hazards in the environment such as Radiation (RF, Wi-Fi, ELF), Noise, Gases and Air quality pollutants.
The solution finally enables organizations such as smart cities and companies to cost-effectively deploy sensors in order to collect environmental information that will ultimately save people's lives.


SleepRate offers the only app-based mobile health solution that combines all 3 stages of sleep treatment – monitoring, assessment, and therapy – in a single, complete, user-friendly package. SleepRate helps people to sleep better by changing their behavior so that they can fall asleep faster, wake up fewer times during the night, and get the right amount of sleep so that they wake up feeling more refreshed and energized.

Class 5 (December, 2016 – June, 2017)

Meet the IBM Alpha Zone Current Class

IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator


AbiliSense developed a cutting edge technology designed to keep people safe. A Sophisticated IoT Device distinguishes between different types of sounds in the surroundings and alerts you and those that matters on safety events.


Articoolo developed an algorithm that creates unique articles from scratch, simulating a real human writer, by using NLP and other AI processes. The technology is aimed at helping writers create textual content by making the creation process quicker, cost efficient, and much more pleasant.


BIGVU is a professional TV studio in your pocket. It’s a teleprompter app to help you remember your lines while recording your video, and a video composition tool to mix up your presentation with visuals. BIGVU transforms photos, video shots, and tweets into stunning video sequences.


Fixico is a cloud-based software service that remotely and automatically maintain your devices, keeping them safe and fast. From diagnostics to all necessary software updates and virus protection, get all you need in one simple package.


GreenQ offers an easy solution that implements IoT principals on existing waste collection operations, making it part of the Smart City concept.

Magentiq Eye Ltd.

Magentiq Eye Ltd. was established in 2014 with the aim to harness the most cutting edge computer vision and deep learning techniques to aid doctors in endoscopic procedures.


NeuroApplied helps brand managers and market research managers understand their customers' thoughts and quantify them. Our technology accurately measures the true brand perception of consumers as well as Advertising campaign effectiveness.

Class 6 (June 2017 – April 2018)

IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator

BrainQ technologies

BrainQ technologies is a disruptive, data driven, clinical-stage med-tech company, aims to significantly improve neuro-recovery following stroke and other central nervous system disorders. To put it simple – our mission is to enable paralyzed people move their upper/lower limbs again.

Croosing. Taking Browsing Forward

Croosing is re-inventing the building block of the web - the hyperlink - making it a superlink. It keeps all the positive and identifiable qualities of the antiquated link, plus new superpowers - allowing you to achieve much more from every link you click, share or promote.

DOV-E. Data Over Voice encoding

DOV-E’s (Data Over Voice encoding Ltd.) patent pending software-only audio communication solution enables mobile engagement & mobile authentication using commonly available speakers.


EcoPlant is a platform that saves money and reduces pollution for Industrial plants by maximizing energy-efficiency and equipment uptime. The platform gives an end-to-end monitoring and control solution, from the infrastructure equipment output till the input to the production line.
The platform drives efficient automation of equipment, identifies high demands and leaks in the pipeline.


HopIt represents the next evolutionary step in the Sharing Economy. Using HopIt, every person can participate in a new marketplace where personal knowledge is the currency.

Medivizor. Health information, personalized.

Medivizor provides people diagnosed with illness the latest, trusted, personally-relevant medical science in a way they can understand, empowering them to make well informed decisions about their health. Effectively, Medivizor is a personalized, AI-powered "GPS" to navigate chronic illness.


Model9 unlocks the mainframe data backup market to the benefits and economics of the cloud by replacing outdated, expensive tape-based backups with a modern and secure software-defined architecture. Using patented technology, we enable backing up and archiving mainframe data directly to on-premise and cloud object storage.


Panorays’ vision is to become the Moody's of the cyber security industry, providing dynamic ratings that contribute to secure usage of 3rd party vendors within large enterprises and cyber insurance.


q provides data access and sharing solutions used between organizations. q's core product is a Data Exchange Platform (DXP) for multiple companies to share and access data under their control and terms. mortgage reimagined

Qanta's technology provides mortgage lenders with an AI-driven agent that automates significant parts of the lending process, delivering a personalized experience just like talking with a mortgage professional.
The digital agent engages with the customers, constructs their profile, handles the paperwork and keeps in touch after the loan is complete.

Class 7 (April 2018 – Dec 2018)

Meet the IBM Alpha Zone Current Class

IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator


Assense™ by Actiview is a mixed-reality assessment platform enabling to gauge the behavioral and cognitive profile of your talent in real-life simulations and predict his fit to the specific team and position. We leverage mixed-reality, spatial-data and deep-learning methodologies along with neuroscientific research to deliver an accurate, adaptive, data-driven recruiting solution.


Anzu provides innovative end-to-end 3D advertising solutions for 3D/VR/AR apps across all major platforms and devices, built to address advertising challenges in virtual 3D spaces and bridge the gap between monetization and user experience.


CastPlus has created a marketplace where ad agencies and advertisers can connect with podcast publishers whose content is relevant to their advertising campaigns. Our platform provides both realtime data analytics and a unique ad insertion tool that helps podcasters integrate their ads wherever they choose into new and back catalog episodes.


Finnovest is developing an automated investment advisory & trading platform. It uses mobile devices to fundamentally change the way investment advisors interact with clients. By enabling tailored advice and automatic execution ability to numerous clients simultaneously, advisors increase clients' engagement, clients receive better service, and brokerages & banks boost transactions.


Ginger Gene supplies an innovative support & training platform for capital equipment manufacturers and users. We are bridging users' and service's knowledge gap by generating accessible, structured content & analytics. Ginger Gene deals with the most complicated manuals and creates short, efficient, visualized, step by step guides. We are already working with some of the world leaders such as GE Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson.

HT BioImaging

HT BioImaging is committed to save lives and improve the life quality of deadliest diseases patients. HT BioImaging has set to revolutionize early cancer detection. We developed a platform that lies at the base of a noninvasive, safe and highly accurate detection method. With our products, initial screening will become a simple and affordable process, easily accessed in the community.


Medorion is developing an AI platform that enables population health teams to activate patients/members toward preventive medicine and wellness activities by combining digital marketing and behavioral science. The platform provides a behavioral framework to construct and execute engagement plans across multiple channels and learns behavioral profiles to predict personalized activation strategies.


Nanosynex is developing a personalized diagnostic test that checks bacterial resistance to antibiotics in record time using microfluidics techniques. Nanosynex solution is composed of disposable cards, a benchtop reader and software for data collection. The test will help doctors determine the most appropriate antibiotic treatment and provide same-day results.


Stagira is developing a decentralized user access control system on top of public blockchains and decentralized storages. We empower developers by providing them with SDK to Decentralised Applications (Dapps) developers and a service to end users.


Varcode's FreshCode cold chain monitoring solution is a breakthrough technology. FreshCode provides low cost and value added tracking with patented Time-Temperature recorders, reader apps and cloud based management system. The FreshCode solution enables: data driven decisions, flexible configuration, fast implementation and low cost.