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What counts as a user per month?

A user per month, or monthly active user (MAU), is any unique user who has at least one meaningful interaction with your assistant per calendar billing month across any of its integrations (provided each user is tracked with the same identifier).

What qualifies as a meaningful interaction?

A message that your user sent into your assistant that received a response is a meaningful interaction. Welcome messages at the beginning of a new conversation are not charged.

How do I track MAUs for authenticated or known users?

If you’re using our REST API or web chat integrations, you need to provide us with a unique identifier (created by you) for each user that interacts with your assistant. We recommend a non-human identifiable database ID (such as a GUID) that doesn’t change throughout your customer lifecycle. If you’re using our Facebook, Slack or Intercom integrations, we pull the user ID from these sources automatically.

How do I track monthly active users (MAUs) for anonymous users?

If you’re using our REST API and you don’t have a userID because your user is anonymous, we recommend that you generate your own randomized ids using something like UUID (link resides outside IBM).

If you’re using web chat and a user doesn’t have an identifier provided by you, we will generate one for your user and cookie them with the anonymous identifier in the event that they return to your site later in the month. That way you’ll only be charged once for that user.

What if an anonymous user logs in and becomes identifiable with a known ID? Are you going to charge me twice?

If messages are sent with two different userIDs then yes, you will be charged twice. We recommend either prompting users to login prior to initiating a chat or using the anonymous value for that user throughout all of their sessions.

What if I don’t provide IBM with a userID for a given interaction?

We will charge based on the session identifier automatically, meaning that if this user returns a second time within the month after their session expires, they will be treated as two MAUs.

How many languages are supported?

Watson Assistant currently supports 13 languages and 1 in beta. However, support coverage differs from feature to feature. For a detailed view of the product’s support coverage by feature, go here.

*What are the details around Plus Plan pricing?

The Plus plan starts at USD 140 and includes up to 1,000 monthly active users (MAUs). Additional MAUs are billed at USD 14 per 100 MAUs. When a user connects on voice, there is an additional cost of USD 9 per 100 voice MAUs.

To learn more about the Plus Plan and user-based metering, please visit us here.

**What is Enterprise with Data Isolation?

The Enterprise with Data Isolation plan provides a number of additional security and privacy capabilities, including deployment in a single-tenant environment, support for HIPAA compliance, an increased number of instances and a longer retention period of analytics data.

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