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IBM Developer Cognitive Workshop

IBM Developer Cognitive Workshop

IBM’s Paul Farrell: ‘Our challenge is to restlessly reinvent ourselves’

‘Our challenge is to restlessly reinvent ourselves’

The AI-enhanced customer experience

The AI-enhanced customer experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is unleashing a new approach for customer experience (CX) strategy, design and development.

IBM Adversarial Robustness Toolbox

The Adversarial Robustness Toolbox is an open-source software library, to support both researchers and developers in defending DNNs against adversarial attacks and thereby making AI systems more secure.

Knowledge Graph for IoT

At IBM Research – Ireland we are developing AI technologies to understand and connect data in new ways. We combine machine learning with knowledge graph reasoning to enhance the data with layers of semantic abstraction.

Virtual Testing Platform for IoT Systems

In order to test complex IoT Systems scientists at IBM Research are using a virtual testing platform which will allow designers and developers of services to investigate large scale connected car services.

Advancing Cloud with Memory Disaggregation

Here at IBM Research – Ireland, we are rethinking the very foundations on which the cloud is built. Our concept is to break the physical boundaries of data centre servers by disaggregating CPUs and memory into separate physical entities.

An End-to-End Framework for Privacy at Scale

At IBM Research – Ireland we have constructed a framework which offers several features for creating the strategy, design and enforcement of data privacy at scale.

AI – Augmenting Human Perception

At IBM Research – Ireland our team have built a 3D Computer Vision driven task completion prototype called the “Puzzle Solving Toolkit” which interacts with a visually impaired user to guide them in solving a jigsaw puzzle in a natural and intuitive way.

Decision Conversations Decoded

At IBM Research – Ireland we are looking out how the decision making process can be augmented by automatically tracking a decision discussion through a virtual facilitator.