Disaster recovery options

For speed, flexibility and cost control -  consider a managed cloud recovery service

Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions are typically faster, more reliable and easier to implement than their non-cloud counterparts, making them an optimal choice for many business leaders. The best cloud recovery managed services provide a number of key benefits:

Virtualized server recovery on the cloud

Virtualized Server Recovery on the Cloud

See how a cloud managed service can help reduce recovery time

Some IT practitioners are currently debating whether cloud services pose potential legal or security concerns. Currently, there are no laws in India that specifically prohibit using cloud services to transfer an organization’s data, including customers’ personal data. Because cloud technology is a rapidly emerging force in enterprise technology, some are concerned that regulation passed in the future might be inconsistent with an organization’s implementation of enterprise cloud services.

Managed cloud solutions, implemented properly, are no less secure than traditional recovery solutions or private clouds. Organizations working with a cloud provider should look to the track record and expertise of their provider in assuring the security features and safeguards in whichever solution they are considering.

It’s not necessary to dismiss cloud solutions out of hand because of security or regulatory concerns, but it is important to ensure that all potential cloud solutions are properly vetted to ensure they offer sufficient flexibility and control to achieve compliance with all applicable regulations and are implemented by a trusted solution provider who is familiar with the laws and regulations related to your industry and your region.

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