Disaster recovery options

Finding a trusted provider

While features and functionality are critical factors in your choice of a cloud-based disaster recovery solution, it’s equally important to find a trustworthy service provider who can help you achieve long-term success. Just as not all cloud service recovery solutions offer the same performance and value, not all cloud service providers offer the same level of experience and expertise.

When evaluating potential cloud service providers*, make sure they can satisfy you with their answers to the following questions:


*Note that some companies have legal restrictions related to where they can store their data and whether it may be housed in a shared environment. Make sure you find a provider who is familiar with the data storage laws for your location and industry and who can help you understand and implement a private cloud or other solution, as needed, to achieve regulatory compliance.


  • rel-assesing-zurich.png

    Zurich Insurance makes a triumph out of disaster recovery

    When leading Irish insurance provider, Zurich Financial Services Group, was waylaid by a major flood, IBM's around-the-clock support, expertise and flexibility turned a potential disaster into an incident with negligible effect on business continuity.