IBM Fellows

Fellows are the standard-bearers for IBM’s technical and scientific leadership

Dakshi Agrawal

Distinguished Research Staff Member, Real-Time Cognitive Solutions
IBM Watson and Cloud Platform 
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology
Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, Washington University
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dakshi, IBM’s foremost expert in real-time cognitive solutions, is responsible for a range of innovations in real-time analytics and creating solutions to solve complex client challenges. His scientific work in areas as diverse as information theory, systems sciences, and security and privacy has been cited over 5,000 times in academic publications, and he holds 59 U. S. patents.

Working on real problems is the key to never having a dull day and finding deeper happiness at work.

What are you most proud of? 

Professionally, I’m very proud of my team, and personally, I’m very proud of my children — they are all very curious. They each have their own ways of exploring the world, and I really enjoy being a part of their expeditions.

Current project that excites you most? 

I’m currently working on creating a customer care solution that correlates customer interactions across digital and traditional channels — in real-time — to extract cognitive insights at a massive scale. I remember as a kid when I forced open a watch and saw in amazement all the complex machinery working in perfect synchronicity. Just like that watch, our solution will have a simple interface but underneath it will be a marvel of AI algorithms working together to power the solution.

Advice for tackling tough problems?

Take a risk. You have to take a risk or you’ll be left with the ordinary. You can’t close your eyes to real challenges or diverse perspectives. Even if you don’t solve the problem, you’ll learn from it. Have personal conviction, leave your comfort zone and tackle the problem head on. One day, you’ll crack a tough problem with a solution so elegant and beautiful that you did not think was possible — that day, you will be rewarded for all your failed attempts! Working on real problems is the key to never having a dull day and finding deeper happiness at work.

Greatest influence in your life?   

My parents. They encouraged my curiosity as a child — even when it led me to break things! — and they supported my education in all possible ways. They showed me the difference between being educated and accomplished versus merely holding a degree or a title — this distinction has guided me throughout my student life and professional career.

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