Supply chain

IBM does business with suppliers that are environmentally and socially responsible, and encourages environmental leadership among them. IBM also routinely responds to requests from our clients and governments for information about the environmental attributes of our products. In many cases, the source for this information is our suppliers.

The objectives of our requirements for suppliers and our supplier evaluation program include:

Supplier social and environmental management system requirements

Since 2010, IBM has required that all of its first-tier suppliers maintain a management system to address their social and environmental responsibilities. Our objective is to help our suppliers build/enhance their own capability to succeed in this area.

Environmental evaluations of suppliers

As part of its global environmental management system, IBM conducts a three-stage supplier environmental evaluation for suppliers executing processes for which IBM has specified or furnished chemicals or process equipment, or providing hazardous waste management services or product end-of-life management services, with increasing levels of detail, depending on the risks associated with and the potential environmental impacts from the supplier's operations.

Supplier Code of Conduct

IBM endorses the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct for its internal operations and requires the same of our direct (first-tier) suppliers for hardware, software and services.

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Information for suppliers

Information for suppliers includes compliance and general guidelines, and environmental and packaging requirements.