Energy efficient products, services and solutions

IBM has been active in advocating the importance, benefits and opportunities of increased energy efficiency for both the climate as well as for business and the economy. Specifically, we are demonstrating that GHG emission reductions are possible now and we continue to develop and offer products, services and solutions for ourselves, our clients, governments and society at-large that will enable such reductions.

Today's energy- and climate-related issues are at the top of IBM's strategic agenda. IBM products, solutions and data center services are enabling companies, governments and others to:

At IBM, our approach is twofold: we are working to make our existing products and processes more efficient for both the environment and for business, while also developing new innovations that can help the world become smarter, drive economic and operational improvements, increase accountability and lessen environmental impact. IBM's products and services are key components to make operations and systems more efficient and avoid GHG emissions in the public and private sectors of the economy. For more information on IBM's energy efficient offerings for its IT products, data center services, and operations, process and system solutions see: