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This is the main on-premise edition. It combines IBM Process Management and IBM Case management into one workflow solution. It can be scaled to meet your specific medium or high-performance end-user needs.

This is an affordable, entry-level on-premise edition that is ideal for initiating workflow projects. It combines IBM Process and Case Management capabilities into one workflow solution. When you're ready to extend your workflow projects enterprise-wide, it's easy to switch to the Enterprise edition

IBM Business Automation Workflow on Cloud Enterprise offers a scalable experience for creating and running your workflows in the cloud. It is based on a monthly subscription; clients can add more environments or storage as their needs grow with the capacity determined by purchase of concurrent users

IBM Business Automation Workflow on Cloud Express offers an entry point for businesses that need to get started in the cloud. It provides a development and runtime environment that can support a smaller number of users and can be converted to an Enterprise configuration as needs change.

Yes. IBM® Business Automation Workflow on Cloud has the full capabilities of IBM Business Automation Workflow on premises that are compatible with: IBM Business Automation Workflow Express, IBM Business Automation Workflow Enterprise.

A user is anyone with access to the IBM Business Automation Workflow on Cloud service—concurrent or authorized users. This includes authors or designers, testers, administrators and end users. Users in your account are tracked on the Admin tab of the portal.

Yes. If you want to install, configure and manage the platform yourself and pay a lower yearly service charge, you can choose on-premises or your own custom clouds to suit your requirements.

There is a new combined IBM Business Automation Workflow on Cloud offering which combines the capabilities of the separate SaaS offerings from IBM BPM on Cloud and IBM Case Manager on Cloud. This provides a monthly service over a specific term, with no CAPEX. Provisioned for you in the IBM Cloud.

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IBM Business Automation Workflow on Cloud is considered a System of Interaction and not a System of Record (SOR) and therefore is not generally used for storage of business data. For the business databases that hold the data you use or modify in the tasks, you can use the database of your choice.

Yes, it is built on IBM Cloud IaaS virtual public cloud platform. It is not multi-tenant, so each customer has a separate dedicated instance of IBM Business Automation Workflow on Cloud. Each instance is contained within a private VLAN and is made by using an encrypted SSL connection.

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