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Organizations in any industry, public or private sector, can use IBM i2 to investigate cyber and physical threats. Most commonly analysts in law enforcement, national security, cyber, and fraud use IBM i2 solutions.

IBM i2 Connect is comprised of the power of IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook and includes the ability to easily connect to both internal and external data sources

It is a data analysis technique that identifies and establishes connections between entities, links, and properties such as people, places, and things. It has been used for many years in the public and private sectors for law enforcement analysis, threat hunting, and fraud investigations.

In addition to detect and respond solutions, such as a SIEM, SOAR platform, or case management systems, IBM i2 provides the ability to conduct deep analysis and investigations.

With IBM i2 Connect, you can create connectors and easily search any data source that you have access to.

It is an on-premises software that has a rich client and server component.

Yes! Please reach out to us to learn how you can upgrade from IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook.

This software is licensed by IBM's concurrent user license metric on a perpetual or monthly basis.

IBM i2 Connect utilizes the IBM support team to help you through any issues or questions.

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Users of IBM i2 solutions including Analyst's Notebook have a dedicated community group within the IBM Security community. They are able to share workflows, investigative techniques and tips & tricks amongst each other.

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Information on IBM i2 Connect is posted on the IBM Knowledge Center as well as the IBM Security Community.

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