Work with IBM

If your organization is not an expert at working with artificial intelligence, work with us and we can help you become one. We’ve been working with AI for decades and we have extensive HR domain expertise too. We’re here to help with your AI in HR journey.

We can also help you develop and deploy assessments and competency models. Our I-O psychologists have decades of experience. Additionally, we offer premium technical support for core Watson Talent products to ensure your deployment is as smooth as possible.

IBM has been a strong partner with H&R Block. We've really appreciated the ability to have that partnership and connection. People on the IBM side are vested and interested in helping to make sure that our business is a success.

Shari Soper, Talent Acquisition Director, H&R Block

Watson Talent Services

Artificial intelligence adoption support for HR

IBM has a team of I-O psychologists and data scientists bringing responsible AI to HR. We have the experience to know what it takes to bring AI to the HR function, and our experts can work with you to aid your success. Our technical solutions experts guide you through the setup process, and our consultants help you achieve optimal value and insights.

Assessment and competency model support

Our consultants have deep expertise in building legally-defensible, valid assessments, and our services range from demonstrating job relatedness of off-the-shelf tests to creating custom assessments for predicting job success for your specific needs. We can help you customize skills and competency models tailored just for you.

Deployment support for Watson Talent products

Quick Start Services accelerate the adoption of Watson Talent applications by offering practical, expert support for self-service configuration. We know that AI solutions are new to many in HR and we work with your teams to support your adoption. Quick Start Services are available for IBM Watson Candidate Assistant, IBM Watson Recruitment, and IBM Watson Career Coach.