Talent acquisition

The business case for AI in HR — with insights and tips on getting started

Tangible examples of where AI is delivering value in HR today and practical guidance for starting your AI in HR journey, from necessary skills to funding.

How IBM Reinvented its Talent Acquisition (And You Can, Too)

Kevin Blair, VP of Global Talent Acquisition at IBM, talks about how his team is using AI, Agile methodology, and internal mobility to reinvent recruiting into a more innovative and nimble process that's in step with changing business needs.

8 Key Insights: How AI can help you thrive in the shifting talent acquisition landscape

Discover the key insights gathered from a survey of 500+ HR leaders in partnership with HR.com.

Should I stay or should I go?

Global insights into employees' decisions to leave their jobs — and what you can do about it.

7,000 recent job applicants; 7 compelling insights

Insights into candidate experience based on a survey of more than 7,000 recent job applicants.

What are talent acquisition systems?

Talent acquisition systems bring together the right tools to help you attract and hire top talent to meet your company’s unique business needs.

What is an applicant tracking system?

In the face of a growing and complex job market, many companies are looking for better ways to find, assess and hire top candidates. Applicant tracking systems can help.

What is an onboarding process?

Onboarding is a process that introduces new employees to an organization and its culture, and helps them integrate and gain the right knowledge and skills to carry out their new responsibilities. 

Talent development

The business case for AI in HR — with insights and tips on getting started

Tangible examples of where AI is delivering value in HR today and practical guidance for starting your AI in HR journey, from necessary skills to funding. 

Citizens Bank Making Moves

Citizens Bank outlines how it is applying AI technology to develop its people, drive internal mobility, and standardize on a common set of skills and competencies.

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing employee development

It's no secret that technological change is causing unprecedented disruption in the business world — but the question for HR professionals remains: What do you do about it?

Competencies in the AI era

Learn how to prepare competency frameworks to leverage AI and cognitive computing to transform your HR strategy.

The Employee Experience Index

The development of a new Employee Experience Index alongside a set of leadership and organizational practices.

The financial impact of a positive employee experience

Analysis of the relationship between employee experience and an organization’s financial outcomes.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a measure of the relationship between an organization and its employees and how much effort employees give to achieve their company’s goals.

Talent assessments

Evaluating Assessments in the Age of Big Data and AI

Navigate this ever-changing landscape with our four key guidelines for choosing the best assessments for your organization.

High-Stakes Hiring: Selecting the right cybersecurity talent to keep your organization safe

Cybersecurity talent is in short supply and it’s set to get worse. Without the right talent in this critical protection role, organizations are at risk.

What are career assessments?

HR leaders cite retention and turnover as their top challenges for the third straight year. Use career assessments to hire the right people and build careers that help your business.

Diversity and inclusion

The role of AI in mitigating bias to enhance diversity and inclusion

AI solutions have the potential to mitigate biases and, as a result, enable more diverse and inclusive workplaces. This report provides insights into the role that AI can play in mitigating biases.

Adverse Impact Analysis: Common challenges and possible solutions

Adverse impact is a critical consideration when making decisions about employees. Anyone using tools to assist with decisions needs to understand what adverse impact is, how to measure it, and how to address it.

How AI can help shed bias baggage and where to start in HR

Some people are worried that AI will take their jobs. AI can help people do their jobs –and avoid introducing bias in the process.