What can IBM Z OMEGAMON for JVM do for you

IBM Z® OMEGAMON® for JVM auto-detects all online Java® Virtual Machines on z/OS, providing resource details of your entire Java deployment on z/OS. View all Application Programming Interface (API) requests processed within IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition, monitor throughput, error codes, payload size and details on the service provider (System of Record). Utilize product provided alerts to quickly identify Java-related performance issues and take corrective actions before the problem impacts the business. Integration with other products within the OMEGAMON family delivers seamless z/OS management capabilities.


Visualize Java workloads

Automatic detection of all online JVMs enables you to understand what Java is running and where.

Reduce MLC

Understand CPU utilization down to Java thread level including zIIP offload efficiency.

Manage and monitor

Analyze garbage collection and heap utilization details to detect application memory leaks.

Use widely across platforms

Integration with OMEGAMON monitoring family within enhanced 3270 user interface and Tivoli® Enterprise Portal.

Embrace the digital economy

Enable IT personnel to monitor critical z/OS Connect service API requests and support the journey to digital economy.

Avoid blind spots

View all JVMs side-by-side, be alerted to problems with JVM performance, isolate the issue, and identify the root cause quickly.

IBM Z OMEGAMON for JVM key features

  • Flexible monitoring as you grow your applications
  • Automatic discovery of any online Java Virtual Machines
  • Detailed JVM performance in near real-time with history
  • z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition API utilization
  • Analyze native memory address space allocations
  • Manage MLC costs with proactive monitoring of CPU usage
  • Predefined key performance indicator alerts
  • Seamless integration as part the OMEGAMON monitoring family