screenshot of IBM Spectrum Computing

Integrate modern analytics tools and accelerate results

IBM® Spectrum® Computing Suite for High Performance Analytics helps organizations deliver faster, deeper analysis using modern analytics tools. By enabling users of leading commercial and open source analytics applications to share infrastructure efficiently, it maximizes hardware and software investments and increases productivity. IBM Spectrum Computing Suite for High Performance Analytics combines the comprehensive functionality of IBM Spectrum LSF® with built-in easy and transparent access to additional resources, including automated and dynamic cloud bursting.


Integrate modern analytics tools

Deliver faster, deeper analysis by adding leading commercial and open source analytics applications to shared infrastructure grids.

Accelerate workloads

Maximize utilization of shared computing environments with sophisticated policy-driven scheduling, including GPU scheduling to support GPU-aware applications.

Increase productivity

Simplify administration and add applications with a single grid-management tool that provides automated and repeatable workflows, easy-to-use, customizable interfaces, and mobile device support.

Leverage hybrid cloud

Add capacity on-demand with automated, dynamic cloud bursting that enables you to maximize service levels and ROI while containing spending on infrastructure.

Features at a glance

  • Built-in integrations with multiple analytics applications
  • Automated, application-aware cloud bursting
  • Advanced GPU-aware scheduling
  • Automated workflows and calendar management
  • Support for Docker and other container environments
  • Integrated reporting and dashboards
  • Built on industry-leading IBM Spectrum LSF capabilities