Accelerate time to insights and deliver business value faster

Reduce complexity

Reduce complexity

Easily deploy a completely tested, optimized and validated software and hardware solution. You gain tools to simplify data preparation, model training and optimization, and inference.

Accelerate time to accuracy

Accelerate time to accuracy

Get to greater model accuracy faster. Cognitive algorithms, run-time visualization, and accelerated hardware speed model optimization and reduce training time.

Support your enterprise

Support your enterprise

Build reliability, flexibility and security into your enterprise AI computing infrastructure with fully supported solutions that easily integrate and scale as your initiatives grow.

Implement an integrated solution proven in multi-tenant enterprise environments

Developed through real-world customer experience, the IBM Reference Architecture for AI Infrastructure provides a comprehensive guide to help you create a successful proof of concept, expand to production and scale across your enterprise.

See how the architecture scales from individual users experimenting with AI computing, to organizations with secure multi-tenant environments, to enterprises supporting multiple lines of business. 

Optimize your journey to AI from experimentation to production

IBM eliminates many of the bottlenecks along the AI and data journeys with optimizations, accelerated systems and software designed to scale and manage the AI workflow

Get productive faster with software that simplifies complex, time-intensive data science functions

Watson Machine Learning Accelerator (formerly PowerAI Enterprise)

Deploy a fully-optimized and supported platform for AI computing infrastructure. PowerAI provides a deep learning ecosystem for data scientists and developers, with frameworks pre-installed. Reduce training times from weeks and days to hours and minutes, with near-perfect scaling for up to 256 GPUs.

IBM Spectrum Conductor Deep Learning Impact

Build highly available and secure multitenant deep learning environments. End-to-end workflow tools and automation accelerate model training, optimization and accuracy. Elastic training allows you to add or remove GPUs without restarting, and provides resiliency to failures.

Use servers that enable the cutting-edge AI innovation data scientists desire, with the reliability IT requires

IBM Power Systems AC922

Build a foundation for speed and scale with GPU-accelerated servers. The best enterprise server for AI computing infrastructure offers the fastest way to deploy accelerated databases and deep learning frameworks – with GPU acceleration and enterprise-class support.

IBM Power Systems LC921

Get the superior data throughput and storage capacity you need to meet the challenges of the AI era. IBM Power Systems™ LC921 is optimized for superior performance with a ~30% lower list price than equivalent x86 alternatives.

Rely on storage systems with the capacity and speed you need to support all phases of your AI workflow

IBM Spectrum Scale

Choose an enterprise-grade file system that speeds time to results for your AI computing projects. IBM Spectrum Scale spans all your data repositories, eliminates HDFS overhead, and provides the capacity needed for analytics and training with the performance required for AI system deployment.

IBM Elastic Storage Server

Gain the throughput needed for model training with this tuned all-flash storage system. Integrate with your existing data lake without the need to replicate. IBM ESS can deliver over 40GB/s of throughput and scale out to exabytes of storage.


Detailed reference guide

Get a comprehensive guide to delivering a productive proof of concept that can scale to serve your entire organization and integrate into your existing IT infrastructure.

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