Process mining software and solutions

Understand operations and performance with actionable insights to create operational resilience

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Unlock insight with process mining tools

IBM® Process Mining solutions automatically discover, monitor and provide actionable insights on business processes. Gain a deep understanding of processes to quickly adapt to ever-changing business conditions. Continuously optimize your operations, drive digital transformation, implement resilience strategies and meet your automation targets.

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Get actionable insights, run analyses and uncover bottlenecks to drive digital transformation, increase efficiency and create operational resilience. Explore IBM Process Mining >20%

of those adopting process mining as a controlling layer for end-to-end business processes will be more profitable than peers that do not (IDC, 2021).

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of those scaling intelligent automation expect their organization to outperform the competition in revenue growth (IBV, 2021).

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Process mining software solutions Accelerate your automation journey by combining process mining with complimentary solutions offered by IBM’s extensive automation portfolio. Discover processes from existing data

Automatically extract knowledge from data readily available in your business information systems to visualize business processes and understand the actual performance.

Explore IBM Process Mining
AI-driven RPA

Identify where automation will provide the biggest benefit and simulate the impact on your business processes and stakeholders before investments are carried out.

Explore IBM® Robotic Process Automation
Improve business process mapping

Check the conformance of process models and enhance them with data on bottlenecks, deviations and performance. Test model improvements with process simulation and implement the best changes.

Explore IBM® Blueworks Live
Improve workflows with process insights

Improve your workflows with process insights from real event data. Get a streamlined view of your actual processes to uncover inefficiencies and the root causes behind them.

Explore IBM® Business Automation Workflow

Case studies

Process mining case studies Businesses all over the world use process mining to understand how their processes truly work, identify inefficiencies and continually optimize. AI-powered procurement process discovery

A cables producer reduces maverick buying and automates 75% of a critical procurement activity with process mining.

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Data-driven process analysis

An automotive company ensures a smooth migration to a new cloud-based ERP system with IBM Process Mining.

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Procurement process flow optimization

An electric power provider uses AI-based process discovery to drill down into purchasing data, revealing costly inefficiencies.

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Streamlining an O2C process

A manufacturing company gets to the root cause of its order-to-cash delays with IBM Process Mining.

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Improving the procure-to-pay process

A state government uses process mining to analyze and monitor the impact of its newly integrated SAP SRM system.

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