What you need to do now, while keeping the big picture in focus

Digitization was important before COVID-19; now, it's non-negotiable. 59% of organizations accelerated their pace of digital transformation due to COVID-19, while 66% reported completing initiatives that previously encountered resistance.* With expertise across many technologies and industries, IBM Garage™ delivers the practices, people and technology to co-create the solutions your business needs to respond quickly to disruption and power digital transformation.

We start with your business outcome — not a specific technology — to help you build the right solutions to deliver results. Design thinking and research activities reveal the true nature of your opportunity. Together we co-create a vision for a solution and co-execute to build a minimum viable product (MVP). The resulting MVP is not a proof of concept, but rather a production pilot in the hands of real users that helps you test for market fit quickly and expand the solution iteratively using real-time data.

IBM Garage brings together designers, architects, developers and data scientists to envision and scale new ideas with your team. The resulting architecture includes all the enabling technology needed, such as IBM Cloud®, hybrid and multicloud, data and AI, IBM Watson®, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), security, Salesforce, Adobe, SAP and more.

IBM Garage + Enterprise Design Thinking

A new way to think drives a new way to work

Putting human-centric design at the forefront is an effective way to simplify problems, reduce organizational complexity and align goals and vision across teams. IBM pioneered the integration of design and agile practices for the enterprise, and IBM Garage is where that comes to life with Enterprise Design Thinking. Discover new, innovative ideas to solve what's most important for your business and your customers, and experience a new way of working that's collaborative, fast-moving and scalable to your entire organization.

The IBM Garage approach

Enterprise Design Thinking is an important component of nearly every IBM Garage experience. An IBM Garage Design Thinking workshop can help you:

  • Define, understand and develop empathy for your users’ pain points
  • Map out your critical use cases and business goals
  • Ideate on possible solutions
  • Identify assumptions and inherent risks
  • Define hypotheses for possible outcomes to test
  • Define a minimum viable product (MVP) to test against your hypotheses


Enterprise Design Thinking is part of our industry-leading IBM Garage Methodology. Guided by these agile practices, your team works with ours to obtain the skills, technology and confidence to continue making human-centric, outcome-first decisions at pace.

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IBM Garage + customer experience

Create customer experiences that earn loyalty and trust

The authentic enterprise experience is brought to life in the daily interactions your brand has with its customers, partners and employees. Our comprehensive experience strategy syncs your brand purpose and human insights with the right technologies to enable your business. Now, more than ever, you must meet customers where they are, designing personalized experiences that directly map to their needs in the moment.

IBM Garage can help you envision your customer experience strategy and make fast progress against it in the areas of customer experience, e-commerce, mobile applications, customer service, and more.

The IBM Garage approach

IBM's global business design consultancy IBM iX® uses IBM Garage Methodology to apply strategy, design and technology to digitally reinvent your business. We take a human-centered, outcomes-led approach to defining your digital strategy and delivering exceptional customer experiences to build your business.

We offer customer experience solution consulting and implementation spanning all domains: sales, service, marketing and commerce. We help clients define their strategy, choose the right platform or platforms, and accelerate time to value. We work with an ecosystem of partners including Apple, Adobe, Salesforce, Samsung and SAP to create value and differentiation through exceptional customer experiences.

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IBM Garage + hybrid cloud

Modernize your applications for greater interoperability and ROI

In your existing IT estate, what needs to be modernized? Consider how your current critical applications, infrastructure, operations and processes might be hindering your ability to pivot and execute when conditions require it.

Application interdependencies with workflows, data and your IT environment can be complex and difficult to change. There are barriers of cost, capacity and skills to replatform, refactor, rebuild or replace applications successfully — and regulatory and other business mandates that require robust security controls for data privacy and mission-critical workloads.

Designing for a hybrid architecture can bring the speed and interoperability of open, cloud-native technologies together with enterprise-level productivity and security. This allows for a more rapid shift to modernization and better integrated apps. Becoming a more agile enterprise requires transforming how you work and how your environment is built to support it, clearing the way for continuous, strategic innovation.

The IBM Garage approach

IBM Garage has helped thousands of clients make decisions about their unique journeys to cloud. Deeply skilled in all aspects of hybrid cloud, our experts advise and work with you to ensure every application and service can be deployed and managed where it makes the most sense.

From modern, cloud-native apps and microservices to traditional, monolithic software and systems, the IBM Cloud® platform was designed to support the full range of applications across public, private and hybrid environments. With this platform, you’ll have the infrastructure needed to help build new applications from scratch, modernize existing applications, or both.

With the IBM Garage, you can accelerate the move of your IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud. We’ll work with you to incorporate intelligent insights, automation and integration within your cloud provider ecosystems. Using our exclusive tools and approach, we start by analyzing your current cloud capabilities to inform the business and technology roadmap. We will custom-build this with you and make quick progress toward the goals set. We meet you wherever you are and accelerate your cloud outcomes.

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IBM Garage + AI

Turn AI aspirations into tangible business outcomes

Today’s abundance of data fuels digital transformation. AI unlocks the value of data, which helps secure its status as one of the defining technologies of our time. Intelligent workflows are predictive, automated, agile and transparent. By making workflows smarter, you can increase the confidence and speed in how decisions are made, empower people to do higher-value work, and create more meaningful experiences for customers and employees.

IBM Garage experts help you implement a data-first strategy, take advantage of your real-time information, augment with third-party sources, and integrate with advanced technologies, such as IoT, cognitive automation and AI. IBM Garage can help you consistently run, maintain and scale AI and machine learning solutions from pilot to production. Adopt a standard framework for developing and deploying AI applications and realize ROI from enterprise AI.

The IBM Garage approach

Analyzing data doesn’t just expose efficient insights; the true power of data comes from joining data sets together for end-to-end views that enable true intelligence. That’s why IBM Garage infuses AI into your applications, processes and skills. We use our deep expertise to select, develop, and evaluate your AI and data science models to make them ready for production. As a result, you harness the power of AI to radically improve predictions, automation and optimization, helping make the right decisions faster and more accurately.

IBM Garage uses an AI framework and accelerators for AI at scale. These tools were developed by IBM for implementing the workflow and technology platforms required to support production-grade machine learning (ML). This framework relies heavily upon open source principles and software development patterns hardened through many engagements across industries. The tools include use case templates, standardized AI and ML algorithms, pipelines, opinionated project scaffolding and services adapters. You benefit from industry best practices and accelerated delivery timelines.

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IBM Garage + security

Put a zero trust approach into action to secure your business

Business priorities are accelerating digital transformation, but the resulting complexity of this environment degrades security and trust. Zero trust offers a framework for securing the IT environment by assuming compromise and validating every connection, every time. However, it can be challenging to know where to start or how to merge existing solutions into a zero trust security strategy. 

IBM Garage experts help you map out your business goals and design a zero trust approach that is aligned to your specific needs. IBM Garage brings together your tools and teams to help identify gaps in your technology portfolio and processes. For many teams, the IBM Garage workshop puts zero trust into action for security that fuels business growth.

The IBM Garage approach

Implementing a zero trust strategy requires that different security teams collaborate, including aligning on priorities and sharing information. IBM Garage pulls together cross-functional members of your security, IT and enterprise architecture teams to align around business objectives and security goals, and the challenges to accomplishing them. From there, you’ll map out your existing security investments and processes and learn how to apply them as part of a zero trust architecture to achieve a specific outcome. Our IBM Garage experts will then help your teams identify and prioritize the projects to make that outcome a reality.

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IBM Garage + systems

Harness the full power of your IT infrastructure

Infrastructure modernization is a critical component of digital transformation. Find the systems that give you the flexibility and performance you need for on-premises IT or hybrid cloud applications with the IBM Garage.

With IT expertise and leading-edge IBM Systems technology, IBM Garage offers diverse IT-focused opportunities that include workshops and systems solutions based on our core human-centric IBM Garage Methodology — all designed to help you strengthen and expand the value of your IT infrastructure.

The IBM Garage approach

Modernization with emerging IT technology

Follow Enterprise Design Thinking and the agile practices of the IBM Garage Methodology to identify the value you're seeking from your infrastructure. Gain deeper insights into your current business and IT processes. Explore solution possibilities featuring IBM Systems technology with mainframe modernization, HA/DR, big data, hybrid multicloud, business resiliency, storage, security, AI and more.

Infrastructure and assets

Make your IT solution a reality. See how things work with solution demonstrations and proofs of technology. Get help stress testing, benchmarking and optimizing your IBM® Power® Systems servers, IBM Z® mainframe computers or IBM Storage environment. Obtain skills and technical know-how for every phase of your IT journey. Get the validation and support you need to deploy your solution.

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* COVID-19 and the future of business (PDF, 147 KB), IBM Institute for Business Value, September 2020