Speed, scale and confidence are amplified by IBM Garage capabilities and disciplines

With mastery across nearly all major technologies, industries and business types, IBM Garage™ partners the right people, process and technology to co-create the high-impact solutions your business needs to drive digital transformation. With the IBM Garage Methodology of integrated agile practices, architectural and programmatic solution accelerators and a multimetric framework that measures value at every step, IBM Garage brings major inherent advantages to help drive your journey with speed, scale and confidence, regardless of where you need to go and what it will take to get you there.

IBM Garage + Enterprise Design Thinking

A new way to think drives a new way to work

Putting human-centric design at the forefront is an amazingly effective way to simplify problems, reduce organizational complexity and align your goals and vision across teams —even in an enterprise setting. IBM pioneered the integration of design and agile practices for the enterprise, and IBM Garage is where that comes to life with Enterprise Design Thinking. Discover new, innovative ideas to solve what's most important for your business and your customers, and experience a new way of working that's collaborative, fast-moving and scalable to your entire organization.

The IBM Garage advantage

Enterprise Design Thinking is an important component of nearly every IBM Garage experience. It’s through an IBM Garage Design Thinking workshop that you will:

  • Define, understand and develop empathy for your users’ pain points.
  • Map out your critical use cases and business goals.
  • Ideate on possible solutions.
  • Identify assumptions and inherent risks.
  • Define hypotheses for possible outcomes to test.
  • Define a minimum viable product (MVP) to test against your hypotheses.

Enterprise Design Thinking is part of our industry-leading IBM Garage Methodology. Guided by these agile practices, your team works with ours to ultimately obtain the skills, technology and confidence to continue making human-centric, outcome-first decisions at pace, with the speed of change.

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IBM Garage + Hybrid cloud

Unleash opportunities for innovation, growth and speed

What in your organization needs to be modernized? Consider how your current critical applications, infrastructure, operations and processes might be hindering your ability to pivot and execute when conditions require it. To make yours an agile enterprise requires transforming how you work and how your environment is built to support it, clearing the way for continuous, strategic innovation.

The IBM Garage advantage

Modernization is the transformation of your existing applications, infrastructure, data, operations and processes with approaches that enable them to integrate and interoperate with newer systems and technologies, all while keeping core legacy investments intact and operational. This interoperability opens the door to new efficiencies, visibility, opportunities, innovation and speed — not to mention technical potential and business growth, which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to accomplish with non-modernized legacy systems.

The IBM Garage Methodology simplifies the complexities of modernization so you can pivot nimbly. Working alongside IBM Garage experts empowers your workforce with the ability to deploy next-generation technologies and be the catalyst for your ongoing digital transformation and growth. IBM Garage also majors in hybrid cloud, the smarter architecture for enterprise IT and the foundation for all essential modernization.

IBM Garage can help you discover what is most critical to modernize, how and when. Consider:

  • Your existing workloads, applications and underlying platform play a part in moving toward easily managed systems.
  • Compliance, security and location requirements may reveal unique workload needs.
  • Modernization means a cultural shift, requiring the right technology, skills and cloud culture for the greatest value and success.

IBM Garage is your proven partner for the best approach to modernization.

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IBM Garage + Security

Combat threats with security built with clarity, integrity and speed

Complex security threats give rise to complex security systems, which are traditionally challenging to maintain, alter and even understand. The security and compliance posture you co-create with the IBM Garage is decidedly different because it is guided by the IBM Garage Methodology. Profound complexities that are characteristic of security challenges get simplified into manageable, actionable opportunities.

The IBM Garage advantage

Security in the age of cloud must be inclusive of digital transformation, the integration of existing tools with new technology, shifting organizational culture, rapid development workflows, a virtual workforce and more.

IBM Garage works for every case, focusing on outcomes and giving your team space to align, ideate and co-create, bringing in the right people and technologies to help you make the right security decisions for your business at the right time. Your team is empowered to align, modernize and collaborate, breaking down knowledge silos and building elusive skills so they can own their security platform with confidence — confidence gained while working alongside the experts behind many world-class IBM security solutions.

IBM Garage also works fast. The IBM Garage Methodology and its MVP-based approach, along with our extensive architectural and code-based accelerators, can dramatically advance your timetable to outcome and value. Agile practices are woven into our approach and into your solution from the start. That means you'll waste no time questioning whether the security platform you build will be the one you need.

IBM Garage will help you:

  • Modernize security frameworks and controls.
  • Manage threats with actionable insights and quantified risk.
  • Overcome a security skills shortage.
  • Strengthen data privacy and regulatory compliance.
  • Address increasing cyber attack vectors, including IoT.
  • Secure your journey to cloud and digital transformation.
  • Create context-based security for a zero trust strategy.

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IBM Garage + Systems

The faster route to unlocking your business's potential with IT

Infrastructure modernization is a critical component of digital transformation. The smartest way to strategize your system objectives, solution framework and even first-of-a-kind development is with IBM Garage. With IT eminence and leading-edge systems technology, IBM Garage offers diverse IT-focused opportunities that include workshops and systems solutions based on our core human-centric IBM Garage Methodology — all designed to help you elevate, strengthen and expand the value of your IT infrastructure.

The IBM Garage advantage

Fast and agile also applies to working with enterprise infrastructure, especially when collaborating with the IBM Garage on IT-focused outcomes.

  • Modernization with IT emerging technology

    Follow Enterprise Design Thinking and the agile practices of the IBM Garage Methodology to identify the value you're seeking from your infrastructure. Gain deeper insights into your current business and IT processes. Explore solution possibilities featuring IBM Systems technologies with mainframe modernization, HA/DR, big data, hybrid multicloud, business resiliency, storage, security, AI and more. Work with global IBM Systems experts and thought leaders throughout your IBM Garage journey.
  • Infrastructure and assets

    Make your IT solution a reality. See how things work with solution demonstrations and proofs of technology, stress testing, benchmarking or optimizing your IBM® Power® Systems servers, IBM Z® mainframe computers and IBM Storage environment, including the IBM hybrid multicloud platform that’s based on open technologies. Obtain skills and technical know-how for every phase of your IT journey with our IBM Redbooks®. Get the validation you need to deploy your solution, even virtually.

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IBM Garage + Industry

New priorities challenge public sector organizations to transform

Outcome-focused government is on the rise. Flexible and responsive government and community programs that result in better, faster outcomes for citizens are in demand, more now than ever before. Effectiveness, rather than efficiency, is the new measure of success. Grounded in a human-centric and outcome-first approach, IBM Garage is uniquely equipped to support and grow the success of public sector organizations.

The IBM Garage advantage

IBM Garage has transformed companies of all sizes, in all industries, and is equally a space for public sector innovation and transformation. The core tenets of IBM Garage are directly relevant to how you must operate to achieve what is now required.

IBM Garage is ready to help you serve these public sector priorities:

  • Address public initiatives in new ways. Traditional business models can’t deliver the level of agility and quality that the public now expects.
  • Transform your day-to-day activities. Adopt the methodology that joins technology, process and design to move fast and to realize maximum, measurable value.
  • Improve citizen experiences. Build people-focused solutions that are better, faster and more responsive.
  • Unlock the power of patient data. End-to-end insights radically improve predictions, automation and optimization with AI and a hybrid multicloud platform.
  • Build intelligent workflows. Boost efficiency, improve accuracy, reduce cost and increase decision-making confidence.
  • Accelerate the journey to cloud. Leverage accelerators with AI, security and a platform that support all cloud environments with an open hybrid cloud platform, integrated solutions and DevOps.
  • Modernize your talent and culture. Learn agile development and technology skills along with new ways of working alongside IBM Garage experts.

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IBM Garage + Framing

Where people, perspectives and priorities align

What are you trying to do, and why? What are your obstacles and competing priorities? What kind of help do you think you need, both business and technical? Re-framing your perspective and re-thinking your priorities is when it all becomes clear. And the answers may ultimately surprise you.

The IBM Garage advantage

An IBM Garage Framing session is an easy, no-cost, high-value way to begin your IBM Garage experience. It's a two-hour session in which your people meet ours to team up and pinpoint your top business or technical opportunities. Our IBM Garage experts, which can include designers, architects, data scientists and business strategists, will help you:

  • Achieve cross-business alignment onwhat your critical needs truly are.
  • Gain clarity on which opportunity will bring you the most value the fastest.
  • Experience the true partnership you get collaborating with IBM Garage.

It’s a critical and immensely valuable first step, after which you have several options for continuing your journey with the IBM Garage.

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