IBM at U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP28)
The 28th UN climate conference, Nov 30 - Dec 12, 2023 in Dubai, UAE. Let’s turn sustainability ambition into action with data and AI.
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Building a sustainable future together

The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) is the stage upon which a global community of leaders, policymakers, scientists and businesses come together in the spirit of pre-competitive collaboration to share knowledge and strategies so we can address our shared climate change problem.

IBM was honored, not only to be part of these essential conversations, but to be an Associate Pathway Partner sponsor of COP28.

Top 3 takeways from COP28:
  1. Public-private partnerships are a necessity for innovation to be accessible and affordable.
  2. Foundation models are key. They give researchers flexibility to accelerate progress on sustainability, and they are a more sustainable form of AI themselves.
  3. Batteries and energy storage combined with renewable energy is the future of decarbonization and climate resiliency.
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The role of inclusion in a just transition The CSO Agenda IBM Smart Talk: The path to sustainable AI Green zone, Blue zone and IBM Pavillion sessions
Sustainable AI
Maximize positive outcomes while minimizing negative impacts

While AI has the potential to accelerate our ability to solve some of humanity's most pressing problems, its broad adoption can also intensify existing environmental challenges and inadvertently give rise to new ones. 

These concerns come to the forefront, especially in the context of emerging technologies like Generative AI. We must proceed thoughtfully by adopting a sustainability mindset that carries through the model lifecycle; choosing hardware, software, and energy sources with sustainability in mind; and measuring environmental impact to minimize harm and make progress. 

How to use generative AI to make a net-positive impact
AI helps accelerate your sustainability journey
Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime, and both technology and partnerships will be key to driving future progress. Jonathan Adashek Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications IBM Read about IBM's environmental, equitable, and ethical impact
AI-infused sustainability solutions

IBM believes that AI-infused technology is a critical for sustainability progress. At COP28 we will showcase four key areas where organizations can realize operational efficiencies and accelerate sustainability goals.


Establish a profound decarbonization strategy that can minimize environmental impact and increase business value through improved real estate and asset management, efficient data centers and IT operations, and transparent and traceable supply chains.

Energy transition

Implement digital solutions that apply AI, IoT, and blockchain to support new energy marketplaces, enable more efficient and reliable utility operations, and create more resilient, long-lasting physical infrastructure.

Just transition

Support a just transition by developing equitable strategies for moving toward a low-carbon world that maximizes our human potential, reduces disparities, and results in local ownership that responds to each community’s needs.

Supply chain

With the help of AI, create a resilient, trusted and sustainable supply chain that reduces waste and minimizes the impact of changing planetary patterns on agriculture systems and transport networks.


Learn more about the IBM sessions and on-site experiences below.

A high level panel session aiming to delve into the pivotal role of research and development (R&D) in advancing technology solutions for addressing climate change. This discussion seeks to highlight the significance of R&D in tackling climate-related challenges. Additionally, it strives to foster knowledge exchange between nations while examining successful knowledge transfer models.

The session will also delve into the realm of global cooperation to confront climate issues and showcases impactful technologies that can help achieve Net Zero emissions. It will underscore R&D's central role in the fight against climate change while addressing key aspects and possibilities within the R&D ecosystem. Distinguished speakers, representing various stakeholders, both locally and internationally, including intergovernmental organizations, research oversight bodies, environmental funds, non-governmental organizations, and entities involved in research performance and support, will take part of this session.


  • Arvind Krishna, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, IBM
  • His Excellency Mohamed Al Nuaimi - Acting Undersecretary of MOCCAE
  • His Excellency Faisal Al Bannai - Secretary General of ATRC
  • Professor Paul Monks, Chief Scientific Adviser, UK’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

Location: Green Zone Energy Transition Hub Stage, Hall 2, Expo City, Dubai, UAE

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Climate Innovation Forum at COP will put the spotlight on cutting edge technologies shaping the future of climate. The conference will have a curated selection of future-focused innovation covering multiple themes including artificial intelligence, satellite technology, big data, clean energy, industrial decarbonization, advanced materials, hydrogen, energy storage and much much more.


  • Arvind Krishna, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, IBM
  • His Excellency Omar Al Olama, Minister of AI, United Arab Emirates

Location: DP World Pavilion/Impact Hub, Atrium Level; Expo City, Dubai, UAE

In this session, we delve into the transformative potential of blockchain technology to accelerate climate action by fostering trust, transparency, and accountability across various sectors. We will explore a wide range of blockchain applications, including supply chain traceability, renewable energy trading, and carbon credits management, while addressing the challenges associated with energy consumption, scalability, and data privacy. Join us to learn how blockchain can empower organizations to adopt sustainable practices, overcome barriers, and contribute effectively to global climate action.


  • Jessica Scott, Sustainable Supply Chain Executive, IBM Consulting
  • Jon Creyts, Chief Executive Officer, RMI
  • Cecilia Valeri, Sr Manager, Climate Transparency, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder and Chairman, IOTA Foundation

Location: Green Zone Technology & Innovation Hub Stage, Hall 2, Expo City, Dubai, UAE

Working in collaboration with Bruce Mau, co-founder and CEO of Massive Change Network LLC and Julio Ottino, former Dean of McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University, IBM has designed a high-impact series for executives at Expo City Dubai during COP28. Please join us onsite for the debut of Think Exponential.

Experience luminary speakers across business, science, art and academia as they present ideas on the power of exponential thinking to create large scale, sustainable change.


  • Jesus Mantas, Global Managing Partner, IBM
  • Bruce Mau, Co-founder and CEO, Massive Change Network
  • Julio M. Ottino, Former Dean McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University
  • Sandra Chapman, Founder & Chief Director, Center for Brain Health, University of Texas at Dallas

Location: Green Zone UAE House of Sustainability, Actionists Hub, Expo City, Dubai, UAE

With the interest in ESG investing at all-time high, institutional investors are shining a light on a previously sidelined indicator of environmental health: biodiversity. But despite an increasing number of funds and technologies being created, natural capital investment opportunities remain limited, and biodiversity needs to be taken into consideration by governments, companies, and the investment community.

Research shows a huge awareness gap between what exactly should be done and how addressing risks and opportunities related to natural capital can drive contribution towards a sustainable future.


  • Elisabeth Goos, Sustainability Services Leader EMEA & DACH, IBM
  • Federica Bietta, MD, CfRN
  • Fabien Laurier, US Sustainability & Climate Managing Director, Deloitte
  • Tim Christophersen, VP Climate Action, Salesforce
  • Kehkashan Basu, One Young World Ambassador, Founder-President, Green Hope Foundation
  • Nicholas Hardman-Mountford, Advisor and Head, Ocean and Natural Resources Management

Location: Blue Zone, Coalition for Rainforest Nations Pavilion, Mobility Petal, Expo City, Dubai, UAE


By valuing and integrating diverse perspectives, driving greater social equity and allowing a voice for all, we can:

  • build resilient communities
  • promote environmental stewardship
  • foster a just and prosperous future for all

Embracing these principles is not only a moral imperative but also vital for the effectiveness and long-term viability of sustainability efforts. Moderated by Amy Brachio, EY Global Vice Chair - Sustainability, this interactive panel session will focus on the importance of embedding inclusion and equity across all aspects of sustainability initiatives to ensure long-term change. Key sports figures, climate action entrepreneurs and private sector leaders, who are all raising their voices and mobilizing their networks for inclusive climate action, will bring different perspectives to the conversation.

SpeakersJustina Nixon, Chief Impact Officer, IBM

Location: Green Zone EY Booth Pavilion, Expo City, Dubai, UAE

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The session will gather a group of sustainability leaders and industry experts as part of an action-focused event, to share strong success stories and lessons learned around four key panels including access to capital, talent, data, and sustainability regulations.

This panel will showcase insights and experience on ESG data, a key enabler as well as a challenge in addressing sustainability, trends/observations with respect to ESG data and technology and the connectivity between financial and non-financial reporting. It will be moderated by Ben Taylor, EY Global Markets Leader, Climate Change and Sustainability Services​.

Speaker: Christina Shim, IBM VP Global Head of Product Management & Strategy, IBM Sustainability Software

Location: Green Zone Knowledge Hub Main Stage, Expo City, Dubai, UAE

Data is the lifeblood of ESG, but how can organizations use data to gain insights about sustainable business practices -- and sustainable solutions for our planet? Step into the future with an exciting panel discussion centered on ESG reporting, decarbonization, energy transition and the groundbreaking impact of technology.

Prepare yourself for a deep dive into the realm of corporate sustainability as our experts discuss strategies for decarbonizing industries and showcase how cutting-edge technologies are catalysts for a sustainable revolution.


  • Megha Merani, Independent Journalist
  • Kareem Yusuf Ph.D, Senior Vice President, Product Management & Growth, IBM Software​
  • Caroline Hass, Managing Director and Head of Climate and ESG Capital Markets, NatWest
  • Brian Dean, Director of Energy Transition and Head of Intelligence, SEforALL
  • Rob Doepel, UK&I Managing Partner for Sustainability, EY

Location: Green Zone Energy Transition Hub Stage, Hall 2, Expo City, Dubai, UAE

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Training just one AI model can emit more than 626,00 pounds of carbon dioxide, nearly five times the lifetime emissions of an average American car. So how do we create accurate, non-biased AI while also reducing energy expenditures? IBM will walk through what they believe is the best approach to responsible, sustainable AI and share how businesses can improve the carbon footprint of computation as AI continues to evolve.

Speaker: Dr. Tamar Eilam, Chief Scientist for Sustainable Computing, IBM Research

Location: Green Zone Energy Transition Hub Stage, Hall 2, Expo City, Dubai, UAE

Watch the replay -

The 5th Industrial Revolution offers a transformative path for hard-to-abate sectors to address their environmental impact and move towards sustainability. By incorporating green technologies, embracing renewable energy sources, implementing circular economy practices, and adopting sustainable supply chain management, these industries can unlock new opportunities for growth while reducing their carbon footprint.

The concerted efforts of all stakeholders, from industry leaders to policymakers, are necessary to realize the full potential of the 5th Industrial Revolution and drive a greener, more sustainable future for hard-to-abate sectors and the planet.

Speakers: John Granger, Senior Vice President, IBM Consulting

Location: Blue Zone UAE Pavilion , Expo City, Dubai, UAE

Explore innovative energy storage technologies, pricing, and economic returns in this session, highlighting the roles of prosumers, energy companies, and governments in shaping the future. Gain insights into short, mid, and long-term storage applications, investment opportunities, and stakeholder responsibilities within the energy ecosystem. Join us to examine technology's role in energy storage and collaborative efforts driving a sustainable energy future.


  • Phil Spring, EMEA Energy and Resources Leader, IBM Consulting
  • Wim Allen, Chief Strategy and Business Development, ENGIE
  • Rebecca Sedler, Managing Director interconnectors, National Grid
  • Julia Souder, Chief Executive Officer, Long Duration Energy Storage Council

Location: Green Zone Technology and innovation Hub Stage, Hall 2, Expo City, Dubai, UAE

Technology will revolutionize future cities' sustainability, making them more livable and eco-friendly. This transformation requires innovative policies and collaboration between governments, businesses, and communities. The session explores advancements in AI, IoT, green infrastructure, and quantum computing to enhance energy management, transportation, and urban systems, meeting sustainability goals and addressing inhabitants' evolving needs.


  • Oday Abbosh, Global Practice Leader, Sustainability Services, IBM Consulting
  • Thomas Birr, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, E.ON
  • Dr. Hosni Ghedira, Director of Research Engagement, Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI)
  • Maurie McInnis, President, Stony Brook University & Board of Directors, The New York Climate Exchange
  • Michael Doust, Director, Urban Efficiency & Climate, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Location: Green Zone Technology and Innovation Hub Stage, Expo City, Dubai, UAE

What is needed for different places and people, and what is the role of technology to make it fair and just. A panel discussion featuring the experience of clean energy projects for developing nations and underserved communities, contrasting the role of technology in these projects with the role of technology in the energy transition in other geographies.


  • Cassie Flynn, Global Director for Climate, UNDP
  • Elizabeth Wageci Chege, Kenya Lead, SEforALL
  • Raman Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer, OVO Energy
  • Reihaneh Irani-Famili, VP Capital Delivery - Project Management & Construction, National Grid
  • Justina Nixon-Saintil, Chief Impact Officer, IBM

Location: Blue Zone SEforALL Pavilion, Expo City, Dubai, UAE

This session explores the role of technology in empowering communities and deploying practices in agriculture, energy production and water management using technology. Speakers will discuss the support required to solve social, economic, and environmental challenges while promoting resilience and inclusivity among underserved populations. Additionally, speakers will outline a fair and just path for vulnerable communities to acquire the skills necessary to navigate the rise in technologies and practices aim to address environmental problems.


  • Justina Nixon - Chief Impact Officer, IBM
  • Adewale Olalekan Giwa - University of Sharjah
  • Amy Brachio – Global Vice Chair - Sustainability, EY
  • Kanika Chawla. Director and Chief of Staff, SEforALL

Location: Green Zone Technology and Innovation Hub Stage, Expo City, Dubai, UAE

This panel will highlight public climate, weather, environment, and ocean data products and services; showcase innovative tools and resources in the climate adaptation/information space; and discuss the role that private sector partners play in advancing climate resilience.

The panel will be moderated by Marisa Lago, Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, and feature Dr. Rick Spinrad, Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator, as well as other executives from the scientific and U.S. industry communities.

SpeakerHendrik Hamann, Chief Scientific Officer, Climate and Sustainability, IBM

Trillions of capital investment over the next decade will be deployed to innovate and scale clean energy, industrial decarbonization, and transportation electrification.  What transformational strategies are being integrated in regional net zero transition plans to achieve climate equity?


  • Jonathan Adashek, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications and Chief Communications Officer, IBM
  • Pradeep Philip, Lead Partner for Deloitte Access Economics, Deloitte
  • Henk Rogers, Founder and CEO, Blue Planet Alliance
  • Dr. Kathyrn Huff, Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Kimberly Johnston, CEO, NextGen Energy Partners

Location: Blue Zone, Coalition for Rainforest Nations Pavilion, Mobility Petal, Expo City, Dubai, UAE

This session will address the role of climate-tech and innovation from the perspective of companies, ventures and institutions, across multiple opportunity spaces – such as electrification, carbon removal solutions, Digital / AI.

The panel will be moderated by Marco Duso, EY EMEIA Sustainability Solutions Leader and feature Sheri Hinish, EY Global Consulting Sustainability Technology and Ecosystems Leader as well as other executives from WBSCD, Climeworks and UICCA​.


  • Jonah Smith, Vice President of Environmental Social Governance Strategy and Programs, IBM
  • Sheri Hinish, Global Consulting Sustainability Technology and Ecosystems Leader, EY
  • Marco Duso, EMEIA Sustainability Solutions Leader, EY
  • Dominic Waughray, Executive Vice President, WBSCD
  • Jared Friedman, Vice President, North America, Climeworks
  • Eftal Efecinar, Senior Manager Innovation & Technology, UICCA

Location: Green Zone EY Booth Pavilion, Expo City, Dubai, UAE

This session will lead an insightful discussion on barriers that prevent access to skills development within the formal education framework and how to overcome these barriers by transforming skills development through ‘leave no one behind’ non-formal education pathways that are accessible and available to all. Panelists will also underscore the need to impart young people with green skills and empower them to drive meaningful change.

SpeakerJustina Nixon, Chief Impact Officer, IBM

Location: Connect Conference Centre, COP28 Green Zone, EXPO City, Dubai, UAE

During the session, which is co-organized with AIM for Climate and Ignitia, speakers will discuss the importance of technology development and deployment that enables small-scale farmers, particularly in the Global South, to increase productivity and farmer income while adapting to and mitigating climate change.

SpeakerJonah Smith, Vice President of Environmental Social Governance Strategy and Programs, IBM

Location: Green Zone Technology and Innovation Hub Stage, Expo City, Dubai, UAE

See the full list of IBM Pavillion sessions in the Green Zone at Booth #61.


We’re honored to be leading several important discussions at COP28 and welcome you to join the conversation.

Arvind Krishna

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, IBM

Kareem Yusuf Ph.D

Senior Vice President, Product Management and Growth, IBM Software

Justina Nixon

Vice President and Chief Impact Officer

Christina Shim

Global Head of Product Management & Strategy, IBM Sustainability Software

John Granger

Senior Vice President, IBM Consulting

Jesus Mantas

Global Managing Partner

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