Quickly transfer your data to IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM Aspera® high-speed data transfer capabilities are natively integrated with IBM Cloud® Object Storage, offering an easy-to-use, fully integrated user interface to quickly transfer data to and from IBM Cloud Object Storage. With IBM Cloud Object Storage Aspera high-speed data transfer, you can improve data transfer performance by quickly uploading and downloading data over long distances, and under various network conditions. There is no cost for transferring data (data ingress) to IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Case study: BASE Media Cloud

BASE Media Cloud powers a global media distribution portal and centralized storage hub using IBM Cloud, IBM Aspera and IBM Cloud Object Storage technology.

Common use cases

Move on-premises data to the IBM Cloud

An ideal solution for moving large amounts of data from your on-premises facilities to the IBM Cloud. Increase overall productivity by reducing the time it takes to transfer and store your data.

Data at your fingertips

Use IBM Cloud Object Storage Aspera high-speed data transfer to continuously move data to API-accessible cloud storage, where the data is accessible for analytics, AI and other applications running in the IBM Cloud.


Fully integrated user interface

Within the IBM Cloud Object Storage portal, customers can drag and drop files as well as upload folders using the IBM Cloud Object Storage Aspera high-speed data transfer feature. Aspera provides transfer speeds that are faster than HTTP, and even if the browser is closed, your data will continue to actively transfer. You can view, pause, resume or cancel transfers independently, and customize transfer speeds and default preferences. The all-in-one feature offers unified billing (for IBM Cloud Object Storage and Aspera high-speed transfer) and single-vendor support.

Speed and predictability

Highly predictable, scalable and hundreds of times faster than traditional TCP transfers, IBM Cloud Object Storage Aspera high-speed data transfer overcomes the limitations of TCP transfers to improve data transfer performance under most conditions — especially on networks experiencing high latency and packet loss.

No cost for data upload

You can upload any amount of data (ingress) using the IBM Cloud Object Storage Aspera high-speed data transfer feature at no cost. A low-cost, tiered pricing applies for downloads (egress). Standard storage costs apply to data stored in IBM Cloud Object Storage.