Abstract for XL C/C++ User's Guide

This information supports IBM® z/OS® (5650-ZOS) and contains information about z/OS XL C/C++.

Purpose of this information
This information provides guidance on implementing (compiling, linking, and running) programs that are written in C and C++. It contains guidelines for preparing C and C++ programs to run on the z/OS operating system.
Who should read this information
This information is intended for users of the z/OS XL C/C++ compiler with the IBM z/OS Language Environment® element.
Typographical conventions
The following table explains the typographical conventions used in this information.
Table 1. Typographical conventions
Typeface Indicates Example
bold Commands, executable names, compiler options and pragma directives that contain lower-case letters. The xlc utility provides two basic compiler invocation commands, xlc and xlC (xlc++), along with several other compiler invocation commands to support various C/C++ language levels and compilation environments.
italics Parameters or variables whose actual names or values are to be supplied by the user. Italics are also used to introduce new terms. Make sure that you update the size parameter if you return more than the size requested.
monospace Programming keywords and library functions, compiler built-in functions, file and directory names, examples of program code, command strings, or user-defined names. If one or two cases of a switch statement are typically executed much more frequently than other cases, break out those cases by handling them separately before the switch statement.
Technical support

Additional technical support is available at the z/OS XL C/C++ Support page. This page provides a portal with search capabilities to a large selection of technical support FAQs and other support documents.

For the latest information about z/OS XL C/C++, visit the product page for z/OS XL C/C++.

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