Storage requirements

Your environment must meet persistent storage requirements for WebSphere Automation.

Storage requirements

Ensure that your Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform cluster has a supported persistent storage in an encrypted persistent volume. By default, the product installation uses dynamic storage provisioning. The product database requires ReadWriteOnce access mode. The security components require more storage with ReadWriteMany access mode. The health components also require separate storage with ReadWriteMany access mode. The Platform UI requires ReadWriteMany access mode.

The default storage settings are valid for most scenarios. However, if your storage configuration requires different permissions or other settings, see WebSphereAutomation custom resource for options. For health-specific storage configuration, see WebSphereHealth custom resource.

When you configure health-specific storage, encrypt the file system where investigations are stored to protect sensitive information about your servers. Encryption is important if your WebSphere Application Server or WebSphere Application Server Liberty servers use Java™ HotSpot VM because WebSphere Automation collects hprof files to analyze memory leaks.

Ensure that the cluster is configured with a default storage class that satisfies the requirements, otherwise specify the StorageClass name in the custom resource. For more information on setting up the default storage class, see Changing the default storage class in the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform documentation.

Use one of the persistent storage options for your Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform cluster.

Table 1. Supported storage options
Host Storage Configuration notes
On premises Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation Use with or without encryption.
Rook Ceph  
IBM Cloud® IBM Cloud File Storage Gold class ibmc-file-gold-gid Use a classic OpenShift cluster.
IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks  
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation Use with or without encryption.
Amazon Cloud Object Storage (S3)  
Amazon Elastic File Storage (EFS) for RWX mode access