IBM Cloud Object Storage

Add IBM® Cloud Object Storage to get asset, capacity, and configuration metadata analyzed so that you can detect changes in storage usage and plan for future storage needs.

IBM Cloud Object Storage is an IBM object storage solution that can be deployed on-premises, in the public cloud, or as a hybrid solution that combines on-premises and cloud storage.
  • Ensure that outbound communication on port 443 is enabled in your data center so that the data collector can stream metadata to IBM Storage Insights.
  • Performance monitoring is not available for IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Discover page

Use the following information to add the storage system so that it can be monitored and that metadata can be collected, analyzed, and presented in the GUI:
Host name or IP address
The host name or IP address of the manager device for IBM Cloud Object Storage. The manager device is typically referred to as Cloud Object Storage Manager or dsnet manager. Depending on what is supported in your environment, you can enter an Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) or IPv6 address. If you enter an IPv6 address, the preferred representation is written as eight groups of four hexadecimal digits. Example: 2001:DB95:0000:1234:0000:0000:5678:ABCD.
User Name and Password
The user that you add must have Operator, System Administrator, or Super User privileges so that the metadata for the storage system can be collected.
Tip: Why not create a dedicated user account to manage the monitoring of your storage systems more efficiently? So, instead of using an existing user account, create a new user account to connect to and collect metadata from your storage resources.

Configure page

Use the following information to schedule the collection of data for the storage system:

The probe collects asset, capacity, and configuration metadata about IBM Cloud Object Storage.

The time zone that is shown is determined by the location of the browser that is used to access the GUI.