What is IBM Cloud Object Storage?

Store, manage and access your data via our self-service portal and RESTful APIs. Connect applications directly to object storage and integrate IBM Cloud services.

IBM Cloud Object Storage features

Durable and reliable storage

Designed for data durability of 99.999999999 percent. Data is sliced, and slices are dispersed across multiple devices in multiple facilities for resiliency. High data durability is maintained by built-in integrity checking and self-repair capabilities.

Resiliency options

Select the best resiliency option for your data with the protection and access you require. Choose “Cross Region” to store your data across three regions within a geography for highest availability and resiliency. Choose “Regional” to store your data across multiple data center facilities within a single geographic region for best availability and performance. Choose “Single Data Center” to store your data across multiple devices in a single data center for when data locality matters most.

Protect and secure your data

Data at rest is secured using server-side encryption and data in motion is secured using carrier-grade TLS/SSL. Gain additional control with role-based policies and use IBM Cloud Identity and Access Management to set bucket-level permissions.

Flexible storage classes

Choose storage classes for frequently accessed data, occasionally accessed data and long-term data retention with Standard, Vault and Cold Vault. Or choose Flex class for dynamic data access needs that fluctuate monthly.

Low-cost archive

Lowest cost option for data that requires long-term retention and that is rarely accessed. Archive works with existing IBM Cloud Object Storage class tiers – Standard, Vault, Cold Vault, and Flex- and lets users apply age-based policies to move objects to long term, lower-cost, off-line storage to reduce storage costs even further.

Cloud Object Storage Aspera high-speed transfer

Remove the barriers of size, distance and complexity and securely move your data at high speeds to Cloud Object Storage using the integrated Aspera high-speed transfer option. No charge for data ingress. No extra configuration required, and only pay when data is downloaded from Cloud Object Storage.

Query in place

Use IBM SQL Query to quickly analyze data stored in Cloud Object Storage. Tap into all your data without the need to set up complex processes to extract, transform and load the data (ETL). SQL Query offers dynamic schema inference and scales automatically — executing queries in parallel for fast results.

RESTful APIs and SDKs

The Cloud Object Storage API is a REST-based API and supports a common set of S3 API functions for programmatic access. SDKs are available for Java™, Node.js and Python with support for identity access and management (IAM) and HMAC authentication.

How customers use it

AI and analytics

Provision IBM Cloud Object Storage to use as a low-cost, scalable persistent storage layer for analytics, with optimized connectivity for Apache Spark.

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Object storage for AI and analytics

Cloud-native data storage

SDKs are available and support a common set of S3 API functions for programmatic access so DevOps teams can easily connect applications to scalable cloud storage and integrate with IBM Cloud Services.

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Object storage for cloud-native data

Data protection, backup and restore

Modernize your backup and data-protection environment by using Cloud Object Storage as a highly durable, scalable and secure destination for backing up and archiving your critical data.

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Object storage for data protection, backup and restore

File services and collaboration

Centralize data and enable local, remote and cloud access with a user-friendly, cloud-enabled file system. Facilitate global file sharing for simplified collaboration.

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Object storage for file services and collaboration

Secure and protected archive

Durable storage services for longer-term data retention with a range of storage classes for organizations that need fast, infrequent access to archived data.

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Object storage for a secure and protected archive

Multi-purpose data repository

Reduce complexity and costs with one globally accessible, secure and protected data repository for one or more of your applications and content types.

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Object storage for a multi-purpose data repository

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IBM Cloud Object Storage offers scalable cloud storage, designed for high durability, resiliency and security.