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IBM Cloud® Object Storage is an industry-leading cloud service ideal for storing large volumes of data. It provides best-in-class security and data durability at near-infinite scalability, complimented with immutable data retention, audit controls and continuous compliance - ideal for meeting the demands of your business and regulatory requirements.

With its global presence and flexible resiliency options, IBM Cloud Object Storage is a storage service for any kind of unstructured data in any format. It's designed for high durability, resiliency and security. Information stored in IBM Cloud Object Storage is encrypted and dispersed across multiple geographic locations using IBM distributed storage technologies. 

IBM Cloud Object Storage supports exponential data growth for your cloud-native workloads with best-in-class cost optimization, robust data security and data governance with ease of use. Built-in data lifecycle operations also make it easy to observe and manage your critical workloads.

Store unlimted volume of data, such as images, videos and documents in any format. Store and access your data using industry standard S3 API, SDKs or the IBM Cloud® user interface.

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For the fourth consecutive year, TrustRadius honors IBM Cloud Object Storage as a leader in its Top Rated Awards.
Benefits Reduce storage costs

Meet your performance needs while managing your storage costs.

Manage data lifecycle

Use a policy-based approach to manage the lifecycle of your data.

Enhance data security and governance

Get security-rich data storage and compliance controls for added governance.

Reduce downtime

Deploy across the world with durability >99.999999999999%.

Gain actionable data insights

Execute SQL queries and trigger custom code from your data.

Discover a robust partner ecosystem

Explore a leading marketplace for supported application partners.

Features Fast data transfer

More securely move data to IBM Cloud Object Storage with the natively integrated IBM® Aspera® high-speed data transfer option. Start by uploading data at no cost.

Quickly transfer your data
Flexible storage classes

Flexible storage tiers from hot to cold data, including smart tier - ideal for unknown or changing data usage patterns.

Meet storage and access needs
Global location and resiliency options

Built for >99.999999999999% data durability, IBM Cloud Object Storage lets you select the resiliency option for the location, availability and performance you need.

See your resiliency options
Security and data protection

Enhance data security with role-based policies and access permissions, and leverage industry-leading encryption key management for granular control and authority.

Encrypt your data
Central service for data lakes

Analyze data fast in IBM Cloud Object Storage with the included IBM Cloud Data Engine. Tap into your data simply to extract, transform and load (ETL) data.

Query data in place
Immutable data retention

Preserve electronic records and protect your data against deletion or modification until the end of retention periods and the removal of any legal holds.

Meet retention requirements
Data replication

Replicate your object data across cloud regions to meet disaster recovery, data sovereignty or compliance requirements, or stage data closer to where it's consumed.

Replicate your enterprise data
Object versioning

Enable versioning to keep multiple versions of an object in a bucket to protect against accidental deletion or overwrites. Easily recover from any unintentional data loss.

See how to version objects
Use cases Backup and recovery

Retain immediate access while reducing the cost of backups. IBM Cloud Object Storage offers a scalable, secure destination to back up your critical data.

Back up your data
Data archiving

Consolidate archived data and store it in IBM Cloud Storage where it’s permanently available and protected.

Archive data to IBM Cloud
Cloud-native app data storage

Build integrated apps using compute runtimes, microservices and IBM Cloud Object Storage services for data storage.

Build and store cloud-native apps
Storage for AI analytics

Create a data lake in IBM Cloud Object Storage and extract actionable insights—using query-in-place, analytics and machine-learning tools.

Build a persistent data store
Case studies BlueBee

Learn why a Dutch genomics solutions company uses IBM Cloud Object Storage for scalable storage capacity with Aspera to accelerate data transfer.

BASE Media Cloud

See how the managed cloud services company powers a global media distribution portal and centralized storage hub using IBM Cloud, IBM Aspera and IBM Cloud Object Storage technology.

Ways to buy

Create, manage and access your storage in globally available data center locations with IBM Cloud.

Free Lite

Lite plan instance is free to use for storage capacity up to 25 GB per month. Lite plan instance is used for the trial and can be easily upgraded to Standard plan for unlimited scalability and full functionality.¹

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Variable class pricing Standard

Standard plan is our most popular pay-as-you-go pricing plan. There is no minimum fee. This plan meets the requirements of most of the enterprise workloads.

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Variable class pricing One rate

A flat monthly charge that includes capacity and allowances for outbound bandwidth and data access. For active workloads with large amounts of outbound bandwidth as a percent of storage capacity.

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Watch an IBM Cloud developer explain what cloud object storage is, its benefits and its use cases.

Build and operate cloud-native apps

Try a tutorial geared for beginner cloud-native developers that reveals how to use IBM Cloud Object Storage when building and operating cloud-native applications.

Not just low cost, also high value

Examine how cloud object storage helps unlock unstructured data value

Create a secure content store

Get started right now with a USD 500 promotional credit for new users. 

Store your content securely at an affordable cost, with control over your data and fast, consistent deployment across locations.

Build a secure content store. Store digital assets, documents and media content securely and affordably for all manner of applications, with encryption key management, access control, and activity monitoring for your data content.

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IBM Secure Content Store powered by IBM Cloud® Object Storage, allows you to store content securely (locally or globally) at an affordable cost​, while supporting fast, consistent deployment across locations for cloud native appsmedia storagebackup storage and archive data.

Securely expand business into new regions, from business-critical data to video archive solutions and benefit from immutable storage, immutable backup, and archive data with industry-leading security and controls for regulatory and compliance requirements​.

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  4. Click Apply a promo code.
  5. Enter Promo Code SECURECS, click verify and then apply.
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1 Only one Lite plan instance is allowed per account. The Lite plan instance includes up to 25 GB of storage capacity; 2,000 Class A (PUT, COPY, POST, and LIST) requests; 20,000 Class B (GET and all others) requests; 10 GB of data retrieval; 5GB of egress (public outbound bandwidth) each month. These thresholds apply to the aggregate total across all storage class buckets. Lite plan services are deleted after 30 days of inactivity.