Converting a truncated Exploration to a Quick or Custom Report

In IBM® Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel, when you convert a Quick Report or Custom Report from a truncated Exploration View (where data exceeds the row limits), the hidden rows are not automatically included in the conversion.

A new message now displays when you convert a truncated Exploration View to a Quick or Custom Report, warning you that the data display row limit is on and hidden rows are lost in the conversion. If you choose to proceed with the conversion, you lose access to the data in the hidden rows.

To include hidden rows in a converted report, you need to first change the data display row limit for the Exploration View, and then convert the report.

To change the data display row limit:
  1. Click Options in the IBM Planning Analytics ribbon.
  2. Locate Data display row limit under Exploration or list settings, and enter 0.
  3. Click OK.

You can also double-click the More or All link under the last row of your Exploration View to see the remaining rows of data. Then, convert the report to a Quick or Custom Report.

For more information, see Converting a report.