Data display row limit

This setting defines the number of rows that are displayed in an Exploration View or list view.

About this task

If you are pulling large quantities of data while working on your Exploration Views or list views, you may find that there is a delay. Limiting the number of rows that are displayed in your Exploration Views or list views can help mitigate this delay.

Under the last row of your Exploration View or list view, double-click More or All to see the remaining rows of data.


  1. On the IBM® Planning Analytics tab, click Options Options icon.
  2. In the navigation pane, click IBM Planning Analytics.
  3. Locate Data display row limit under Exploration or list settings.
  4. Use the field to define a number.
  5. Click OK.


Figure 1. Data display row limit. Left: Limit set to 30. Right: Limit set to 3.
The left image shows up to 30 rows being displayed in an Exploration View. The right image shows 3 rows being displayed in the Exploration View.