IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler

Version 7.6.3

Quick Start Guide

This guide introduces IBM® Maximo® Asset Management Scheduler Version 7.6.3, provides a link to a list of prerequisite software, gets you started with a typical installation, and provides a roadmap to other important information.

National Language Version: To obtain the Quick Start Guide in other languages, print the language-specific PDF file from the installation media.

Product overview

You use IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler to visually manage and schedule work and resources at your organization. You manage upcoming work and assignments by creating schedules. You can create multiple scenarios of schedules and run optimization models to determine which version to publish. By using the Gantt view, maps, and calendars, you can see the work and resource requirements that are in the schedule. For unplanned work, respond to requirements by graphically assigning work to the appropriate labors and crews based on their availability. You can create street-level routes for work lists to visually manage work progress.

If your labor and crew resources have mobile devices that can access Maximo Everyplace®, they can remotely complete their daily tasks, such as preparing resources, and reviewing and updating work orders.

Step 1: Access the software and documentation

Access the product software from IBM Passport Advantage or from the product DVD if you requested a product DVD. To download your product from Passport Advantage®, follow the instructions in the Maximo Asset Management Scheduler Download Document (

Before you install the product, read the IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler version 7.6.3 Installation Guide (

Review any existing release notes for this product ( Release notes contain the latest information that is relevant to the installation of this product. If no additional information is available, this link returns no search results.

For complete information, including installation instructions, see the Maximo Asset Management Scheduler Knowledge Center (

Step 2: Plan the installation

Installing Maximo Asset Management Scheduler requires system administrator rights and privileges. Ensure that IBM Maximo Asset Management Version is installed on the same administrative workstation where you plan to install Maximo Asset Management Scheduler Version 7.6.3.

For information about the hardware, software, and network requirements for your product, see the System Requirements section in the Overview and Planning page on the Maximo Asset Management wiki (!/wiki/IBM%20Maximo%20Asset%20Management/page/System%20requirements)

If you are upgrading to Maximo Asset Management Scheduler Version 7.6.3 from an earlier version of Maximo Asset Management Scheduler, see the Upgrade Guide, IBM Maximo Version 7.1 and Version 7.5 to Version 7.6 Products on the IBM Support Portal (

Step 3: Install the product

To install Maximo Asset Management Scheduler:

  1. Review the software requirements.
  2. Prepare to install.
  3. Install Maximo Asset Management Scheduler.
  4. For Oracle WebLogic Server environments only: you must deploy the Enterprise Application Archive (EAR) files.
  5. For the IBM WebSphere® Application Server environments: The EAR files are installed when you install the process automation engine. If this task was deferred during the Maximo Asset Management Scheduler installation, deploy the EAR files.
Detailed instructions are in the IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler version 7.6.3 Installation Guide (

More information

After you install the product, use the information center to learn more about the product.