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Meet the Experts

  • Sachin Balagopalan

    Sachin is a Software Engineer for Tivoli within IBM's Software Group and has been working with Maximo since 1998. Over the years he has worked in various areas of the product. He currently works in the business object framework group and his main focus is in the following areas - WorkFlow, Escalations, LDAP/VMM, BulletinBoard, EmailListener, and Email Configuration. Sachin is also a Lab Advocate and works closely with customers.

  • Mark Bengis

    Mark joined IBM in 2007 as a Product Manager and System Architect in the IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power group. His recent past design contributions to Maximo for Nuclear Power have been Impact Plans, Permits, Configuration Change Management, and Lineups. He continues to work on new designs in the operational management area as well as collaborate on EAM designs and concepts for the new nuclear build.

  • Rachel Jarvie

    Rachel Jarvie is a Senior Software Engineer for IBM currently working in the Maximo Object Framework and Rolling upgrade teams. She is responsible for the designs and implementations of functionality including Database Configuration, Maximo objects, multi-tenancy and data replication. Rachel previously worked 15 years leading the design and implementation teams for the IBM Tivoli Integration Composer and Tivoli Asset Management for IT offerings.

  • Camila Belmonte

    Camila Belmonte began working at IBM as an intern in 2008. A year later, she became a full time employee as a Maximo Product Tester. Camila focuses on testing Maximo Asset Management, but also has skills in testing Maximo Industry Solutions including Calibration, Transportation, Facilities and Mobile.

  • Rick Rhea

    Rick Rhea is a Software Engineer for IBM currently working in the Smarter Infrastructure Performance Team. He is responsible for performance analysis and testing for IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management and SmartCloud Control Desk. Rick works closely with clients to assist in resolving performance issues that arise in their Maximo / SCCD deployments.

  • Christa Barker

    As a Tivoli Secure Engineering Framework (SEF) Pillar lead, Christa Barker provides guidance to other Appscan penetration testers within the Asset Management product families for scan coverage. She encourages development teams to institute coding best practices to make products more secure for the customer.

  • Kelvin Sumlin

    Kelvin Sumlin is a Software Engineer for Tivoli within IBM's Software Group who has been working with Maximo since 2006. He brings extreme AIX/UNIX skills along with an emphasis on mobile environments. Kelvin's current area of focus is integrating Maximo with third party applications via the Maximo Integration Framework.

  • Kyle Harding

    Kyle Harding has been working on the Maximo platform for 8 years. He was the designer/architect for the Maximo Service Desk v6.0 and v7.1 releases. Most recently, he has worked on Integration between Maximo and Tririga.

  • Tom Sarasin

    Tom Sarasin is a Software Designer for Tivoli Maximo within IBM's Software Group. He is responsible for the Integration Framework and also contributes to the Maximo-TRIRIGA integration and the Maximo DCIM solution.

  • David's photo

    David Havican has been working with Maximo since 1995 as a product manager and design architect for PSDI, MRO Software and now with IBM. His main area of focus is Maximo Work Management and Maximo Mobile Solutions.

  • Anamitra's photo

    Anamitra Bhattacharyya is the lead developer for the Tivoli Maximo Integration framework, which is part of the TPAE platform. He has been involved in Maximo framework development for the last 10-plus years. Anamitra is heavily involved in the design and development of the Web services, REST apis, as well as the XML messaging and eventing framework. He is a lab advocate and closely works with clients to understand and resolve their concerns.

  • Carey's photo

    Carey Clarke is a Product Designer and an Architect for Tivoli within IBM's Software Group. He is responsible for the Maximo for Transportation product within the Maximo product lines.

  • Colleen's photo

    Colleen McCretton has been working with Maximo for over 10 years. She is the designer and architect responsible for Maximo security and administrative functions that are leveraged throughout the Tivoli Process Automation Engine.

  • Pam's photo

    Pam Denny is a Software Architect for Tivoli within IBM's Software Group. She is responsible for the Business Intelligence functionality within the Maximo product lines, which includes application analysis, KPIs and reporting.

  • Ed's photo

    Ed Jones is the Product Architect for Maximo Linear Asset Manager. For the past 5 years, Ed has made it his mission to understand the impact of linear referencing on enterprise asset management. His goal is to ensure that those who maintain linear assets, such as roads, railways, pipelines, water or waste water mains can do that more efficiently with Linear Asset Manager.