Setting up the MaaS360 instance

The MaaS360® Administrator must provide MaaS360 API user and connection credentials to support the connection between the MaaS360 instance and Lookout MES.

MaaS360 API user credentials

You must have a MaaS360 Administrator account to support the API connection between MaaS360 and Lookout MES. You must allow the Administrator role on this account. You can create a special Administrator account for the API connection or reuse the Administrator account that already exists.
MaaS360 Administrator account

MaaS360 API connection credentials

The MaaS360 API requires the following credentials to connect with Lookout MES:
Credential Description
MaaS360 URL The URL for the MaaS360 tenant.
Admin Email The user ID for the MaaS360 Administrator.
Admin Password The password for the MaaS360 Administrator.
Access Key A key to access Lookout MES that you must obtain from IBM® Support.
App ID An ID that you must obtain from IBM Support.
Billing ID This ID is also referred to as the Account ID. This ID is located in the MaaS360 management console at Setup > Deployment Settings.

Creating custom attributes for Device State Sync

Lookout MES uses MaaS360 custom attributes to synchronize the device state to MaaS360. Before you activate your MaaS360 API connector with Lookout MES, you must create the attributes in the MaaS360 console at Devices > Device Attributes > Manage Custom Attributes. For example, use the following attribute details for the configuration:
Usage Custom Attribute Type Custom Attribute Values
Device Lifecycle
Lookout_Device_State Enum Possible values:
  • None (default)
  • Secured
  • Deactivated
  • Threat_Present
Disconnected_Device Boolean  
Lookout_Threat_Level Enum Possible values:
  • None (default)
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Manage custom attributes
Custom attribute options

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