Sterling Intelligent Promising overview

Sterling Intelligent Promising combines inventory and capacity visibility with sophisticated fulfillment decisioning to help retailers maximize inventory productivity, make reliable and accurate order promises, and optimize fulfillment decisions at scale.

Sterling Intelligent Promising is a composable set of modular services that can be implemented by using a distributed architecture. It provides a singular platform that enables multiple business services with a common tenant, an authorization governance model. Seamless integration between services is available. You can use one or many services for your business use cases on specific integrations.
  • The modular Inventory Visibility service provides insights to the entire network of inventory, from across disparate systems and silos, to meet peak-period demands, optimize safety stock, and avoid over-promising and lost sales.
  • The modular Promising service provides personalized promise dates by evaluating multiple permutations in milliseconds and provides transparent reliable dates for different delivery methods and shopper options, while minimizing your cost to serve. Confidently deliver choice and transparency to every shopper throughout the buying journey. The Promising module is available as a SaaS offering and an on-premise container offering.
  • The modular Optimization service provides advanced algorithms for post purchase fulfillment and helps to keep your promise at the lowest cost to sell. Balance predefined business rules with real cost drivers to make the best fulfillment decisions for business outcomes.

All these modular services are further complemented with microservices, such as catalog service and carrier aggregator service.