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Pricing plans IBM Sterling® Intelligent Promising is available in three packages—Essentials, Standard and Premium—starting as low as USD 700 per month. Explore IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising pricing plans. Essentials

Provide an accurate delivery promise at every interaction. Provide multiple delivery and pickup options to your customer from landing page, product details page and cart and checkout. 1%—3% increase in online sales with estimated delivery date (EDD) across product list and detail pages.


Improve digital conversions, real-time global inventory visibility and in-store sales while increasing omnichannel profitability. 6%—12% reduction in online order fulfillment shipping costs by optimizing sourcing decisions and reducing split shipments.


Use AI-powered data to recommend promising decisions based on customer choice or cost efficiencies. 3%—7% reduction in overall inventory costs by avoiding costs associated with excess inventory and by reducing investment in inventory working capital.

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Product features

Starting as low as USD 700 per month


Manage inventory across your network accurately


Expand to global-scale business operations

Minimum annual order lines




Transaction APIs and events per order line




Unlimited fulfillment locations

Carrier configuration management

Rule-based promising

Consider fulfillment location processing time

Consider fulfillment location lead time

Consider fulfillment location capacity

Consider carrier pickup schedules

Earliest delivery promise

Minimize shipment promise

Rule-based safety stock

Cost-based promising

Future inventory promising

Real-time inventory visibility

Consider transfer rules in promising

Node level inventory

Distribution group availability

Real-time inventory and EDD at product search

Inventory audit and search

Availability event publish

Results explainer

Benefits reporting

AI-based optimization with markdown avoidance

AI-based optimization with stockout avoidance

Sustainable outcomes

ROI benefits

Feedback analysis

Customization and extensibility

API first (headless)

oAuth support

JWT support

Administration UI

Inventory actions (APIs and events) throttle threshold

30 million

50 million

80 million

Localization support


Data export to cloud object storage

AI/ML platform

Technical support

Standard support

Standard support

Standard support


Monthly, quarterly or yearly

Monthly, quarterly or yearly

Monthly, quarterly or yearly

Uptime SLA




Premium support

Additional transaction API and events

Million (unit)

Million (unit)

Million (unit)

Additional test instances

Billed monthly

Billed monthly

Billed monthly


An orderline is any line item in an order that has a dollar value associated with it. If orderlines are not available in IBM Cloud®, they are equated with the number of entitled APIs or events termed as inventory actions.

Only transactional APIs related to supply, demand, availability, reservation, estimated delivery or pickup dates, or optimization will be counted against the entitlement. All enabled events raised will be counted against entitlements.

IBM Support can tell you and IBM will expose a self-service portal in the future with the information on entitlements and usage.

You will be charged based on the contracted terms of overage use as per the price structure of your edition.

If you are consuming more APIs and events consistently than your current tier, IBM advises you to upgrade to the next tier. The next tier provides more functionality along with additional inventory actions.

If your all-commodity volume is above USD 50,000, Premium support is available to purchase.

As part of any edition, you get a production and non-production environment. You can purchase additional non-production environments on demand.

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