Preparing for migration

Plan the order and extent of the migration of components and resources to IBM® Integration Bus Version 10.1.

About this task

To prepare for migration, complete the following steps.
Important: We only support migration from IBM Integration Bus Version 10.0. So customers on WebSphere® Message Broker (Version 8.0 or Version 7.0) or IBM Integration Bus Version 9.0 must move to IBM Integration Bus Version 10.0.


  1. Check that your current installation of IBM Integration Bus Version 10.0 is at a supported level for migration.
    Details are provided in Supported migration paths.

    For the latest details of all supported levels of hardware and software, see the IBM Integration Bus system requirements website.

  2. Determine your migration priorities; see Migration planning.
  3. Understand the options that are available to install IBM Integration Bus Version 10.1 components on the same computer as components from previous versions of WebSphere Message Broker or IBM Integration Bus.

    For more information about the options that are available for versions of IBM Integration Bus and WebSphere Message Broker to coexist, see Coexistence of IBM Integration Bus Version 10.1 with previous versions.

  4. Learn about new and changed function in Version 10.1 by reading What's new in Version 10.1?.
    These changes might affect how you want to use your migrated components in the future.
  5. Review the options for migrating your integration nodes and decide whether to use in-place migration or parallel migration; see Integration node migration options
  6. Review the technical changes in behavior in Version 10.1; see Behavioral changes in Version 10.1.
    These changes might affect your post-migration development tasks.
  7. Check the requirements for other products on which Version 10.1 components might depend.
    If you configured your message flows to use external resources, such as databases, or event monitoring applications, you might have to modify your configuration. You can find details of supported versions of complementary products on the IBM Integration Bus system requirements web page.

What to do next

After you plan your migration, complete the pre-migration tasks by following the instructions in Performing pre-migration tasks.