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System requirements for IBM Integration Bus for z/OS 10.1

Detailed System Requirements


This document contains the system requirements for IBM Integration Bus for z/OS 10.1.


The IBM Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool provides complete lists of supported operating systems, system requirements, prerequisites, and optional supported software for all versions of IBM Integration Bus, including IBM Integration Bus for z/OS 10.1. The SPCR tool links to information about the minimum product levels that must be installed before you open a problem report with IBM Technical Support. The software versions and any maintenance levels that are listed in the tool are explicitly verified as working. 
For the latest information, refer to the IBM Integration Bus for z/OS Release Notes.

Virtualization environments

Defect support is available for virtualization environments where they relate to releases of a platform that IBM Integration Bus already supports. IBM does not troubleshoot issues that are caused solely by running in a virtualized environment.

The Server virtualization policy for IBM software contains further information. 

The IBM Integration Bus on-premises installation is supported on any virtualized environment that presents an operating system image that is compatible with those operating systems described in supported system requirements, which includes Docker.

When you use an on-premises installation, IBM provides defect support for IBM Integration Bus. However, IBM does not support any customization that is written by a customer to present the IBM Integration Bus installation to the virtualization technology. As an example, IBM would not fix a problem in a Dockerfile that was custom-written by the customer.
Supported system requirements:

These links go directly to the SPCR tool for the supported operating systems, prerequisites, system requirements, and optional supported software for the specified platform.
IBM Integration Bus for z/OS 10.1 by platform:

SPCR tool available for all software products:
The SPCR tool includes information for all IBM products. Through the tool, you can obtain the supported operating systems, system requirements, and optional supported software for a product version of your choice. To generate the reports, take the following steps:
  1. Go to the Detailed system requirements for a specific product in SPCR page. 
  2. Search for the relevant product, then select the exact product from the search results. 
  3. Select the appropriate version. 
  4. Optionally, select the operating systems, product components, product containers, and capabilities that you need.
  5. Click Submit to generate the report. 

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16 December 2022