Databases overview

integration nodes can manipulate business data that is stored in databases. If you have databases, you must configure them before you can access them from your message flow.

IBM® Integration Bus supports the databases that are listed in IBM Integration Bus system requirements. If you configure your message flows to access databases, you cannot access some of the data types that are supported by these databases. The supported data types are defined in Data types of values from external databases.

Additional local and remote database managers might also be supported for your computer. For more information, see IBM Integration Bus system requirements.

You must set up connections to the databases so that the integration node can access the databases on behalf of its deployed message flows. Both ODBC and JDBC connections are supported; some restrictions apply on some platforms, as described in the topics in this section. ODBC drivers are supplied and installed with IBM Integration Bus. JDBC drivers are not supplied by IBM Integration Bus; you must obtain these files from your database vendor.

You can use the mqsicvp command as an ODBC test tool; see Enabling ODBC connections to the databases for further information.

For information about connections to databases, see Database connections.