Command events

Command events are notifications that an MQSC, or PCF command has run successfully.

The event data contains the following information:

Origin information
comprises the queue manager from where the command was issued, the ID of the user that issued the command, and how the command was issued, for example by a console command.
Context information
a replica of the context information in the message data from the command message. If a command is not entered using a message, context information is omitted.

Context information is included in the event data only when the command was entered as a message on the SYSTEM.COMMAND.INPUT queue.

Command information
the type of command that was issued.
Command data
  • for PCF commands, a replica of the command data
  • for MQSC commands, the command text
The command data format does not necessarily match the format of the original command. For example, on Multiplatforms the command data format is always in PCF format, even if the original request was an MQSC command.

Every command event message that is generated is placed on the command event queue, SYSTEM.ADMIN.COMMAND.EVENT.