Hardware and software requirements on Linux systems

Before you install IBM® MQ, check that your system meets the hardware and operating system software requirements for the particular components you intend to install.

For basic hardware and software requirements, see System Requirements for IBM MQ.

Host names

IBM MQ does not support host names that contain spaces. If you install IBM MQ on a system with a host name that contains spaces, you are unable to create any queue managers.

64-bit Linux distributions might no longer support 32-bit applications by default

Attention: From IBM MQ 9.0.0, there is no separate 32-bit client installation package. The client installation package and redistributable client contain both 32-bit and 64-bit IBM MQ client libraries. The included 32-bit libraries can be used by 32-bit applications on supported platforms where 32-bit support is offered by the operating system.

On 64-bit Linux® distributions, when you run the dspmqver command to display the version of IBM Global Security Kit for IBM MQ (GSKit), you might get a message suggesting that the 32-bit version of GSKit is not installed. For more information see the Command failure section of dspmqver (display version information).

If the 32-bit support libraries are not installed, any applications dependent on 32-bit GSKit will not run. If you need this functionality, install the 32-bit support libraries. Here are the names of the packages that contain the required libraries:

For Red Hat®.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for System x (64 bit):
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server for IBM Z:
For Ubuntu.
Ubuntu Linux for System x (64 bit):
Ubuntu Linux for IBM Z:
For SUSE Linux.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System x (64 bit):
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM Z:

Check the System Requirements for IBM MQ to see which Linux distributions are supported on IBM MQ. For example there is no 32-bit support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 (all architectures), or for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8 for IBM Z®.

Java Message Service and SOAP transport

If you want to use Java Message Service and SOAP support, you need a Java 7 SDK and Runtime Environment from IBM at version 7.0 or later.

[V9.0.0.0 Jun 2016]Java 8 is bundled with IBM MQ 9.0 but client components are built with Java 7 compatibility flags on.

For development, a JDK is required, and a JRE is required for running. The JRE does not need to be the JRE installed with IBM MQ, but has to be one from the supported list.

For a list of supported JDKs, see System Requirements for IBM MQ.

On Linux : Apache Axis V1.4 provides support for SOAP and is shipped on the server DVD, but not installed.

For further information about SOAP with IBM MQ , see IBM MQ transport for SOAP.

On Linux: On the Power platform, the 32-bit and 64-bit JDKs are typically installed to different locations, for example, the 32-bit JDK is located in /opt/IBMJava2-ppc-50 and the 64-bit JDK is located in /opt/IBMJava2-ppc64-50. Ensure that the PATH variable is correctly set for your applications that use Java. To use the Postcard application described in Verifying a local server installation using the Postcard application on Linux, you must use a 32-bit JDK.

You can check the version installed using the following command:

java -version

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

If you want to use the TLS support, you need the IBM Global Security Kit (GSKit) 8 package. This package is supplied with IBM MQ as one of the components available for installation.

Installing the g++ version runtime support
If you intend to run TLS channels then you must have the g++ runtime libraries installed. The GNU g++ libraries are called libgcc_s.so and libstdc++.so.6. On RPM based systems these are installed as part of the libgcc and libstdc++ software packages.
The version of these libraries installed must be compatible with g++ version 3.4.
See System Requirements for IBM MQ for further details on the required packages for TLS support.
On 64 bit platforms, install both the 32 bit and the 64 bit versions of the package so that 32 bit and 64 bit processes can both use TLS functions.

IBM MQ Explorer requirements

IBM MQ Explorer can be installed either as part of the product installation, or from the stand-alone IBM MQ Explorer support pack MS0T. See IBM MQ Explorer Requirements for the minimum requirements that your system needs, if you want to use the IBM MQ Explorer .

Note that IBM MQ Explorer is available for use only with IBM MQ for Linux, x86 and x86-64 platforms.

[V9.0.4 Oct 2017]

RDQM (replicated data queue manager)

Pacemaker is one of the prerequisites for RDQM. Pacemaker requires that the following Linux packages are installed on the system:
  • OpenIPMI-libs.x86_64
  • OpenIPMI-modalias.x86_64
  • PyYAML.x86_64
  • libesmtp.x86_64
  • libyaml.x86_64
  • net-snmp-agent-libs.x86_64
  • openhpi-libs.x86_64