Updated EBCDIC Unicode maps for CCSIDs 1377 and 1388

The IBM® i CCSID conversion support to and from Unicode has been updated for data stored in EBCDIC CCSIDs 1377 (Traditional Chinese) and 1388 (Simplified Chinese). This new support reflects some new Unicode assignments for existing CCSID 1377 or 1388 characters.

The conversion to the new Unicode mapping will occur automatically with no intervention. If your CCSID 1377 or 1388 data is converted from Unicode, the old codepoints will convert to the same 1388 or 1377 codepoint. But when converted back to Unicode, the new Unicode codepoint will be used.

If you need to preserve the current mapping, two new CCSIDs have been provided to allow the old conversions. The new CCSIDs to use are:

  • CCSID 13676 instead of 1388
  • CCSID 5473 instead of 1377

These new CCSIDs provide the old codepoint mappings for 1377 and 1388 without the new characters.

See CCSID 1377 conversion update and CCSID 1388 conversion update.