Release notes - Guardium Insights Version 3.2.4

IBM Security Guardium Insights is a hybrid cloud data security hub that helps you improve visibility into user data activity and risk. Guardium Insights helps you protect data more efficiently, enhance information technology flexibility, and reduce operational costs as you embrace new business paradigms (such as moving data to the cloud). Guardium Insights helps reduce the cost and complexity related to collecting, managing, and retaining data security and compliance data. It provides new analytics to enhance threat investigations - and it provides quick reporting functionality (including pre-built reports). Risk scoring and alerting in Guardium Insights help you prioritize your activities.

IBM Security Guardium Insights is a powerful tool that can help you secure your data. Simple to use, Guardium Insights allows you to set up connections to your data sources.

Guardium Insights provides tools to help you analyze data:

  • Outlier mining: Detecting anomalies in activities and exceptions.
  • Risk events: Identifying assets at risk using broad data points.
  • Reports: Dive into the raw data for deep investigation.


Download Guardium Insights v3.2.4

Guardium Insights V3.2.4 can be downloaded as an archive file (2.2.4.tar.gz) from:

You can install only the products for which your site is entitled.

For further instructions, read the file located after unzipping the latest tar file.

The Quick Start Guide for this offering is available at Passport Advantage ( (search for Part Number “M07QWML”).

Install Guardium Insights v3.2.4

Before installing Guardium Insights, review the system requirements:

This offering is deployed as a new installation of Guardium Insights – or as an in-place upgrade. Please follow these instructions:

Guardium Insights v3.2.x release notes

Bug and security fixes in Guardium Insights v3.2.4

Table 1. Bug fixes
Issue key Description
INS-25898 Special characters not displaying correctly in Guardium Insights reports.
INS-26355 When upgrading Guardium Insights from one version to the next version, feature flag changes (or updates) may reset to their default values. This can create issues with on-premise customer workflows.

Security fixes

Table 2. Security fixes
Issue key PSIRT Vulnerability ID
INS-23628 PVR0351026 CVE-2021-44906
INS-25900 PVR0404232 CVE-2022-3510
INS-25901 PVR0404156 CVE-2022-3509
INS-26293 PVR0389952 CVE-2022-34917

Known limitations and workarounds for Guardium Insights v3.2.4

This patch of Guardium Insights carries forward the known limitations and workarounds from Guardium Insights Version 3.2. You can find the list of limitations in the release notes for that version.

In addition, this patch includes this known limitation:

Table 3. Known limitations and workarounds for Guardium Insights v3.2.4
Issue key Description

Cannot restore a backup of Guardium Insights Version 3.2.0 to Version 3.2.x.

Workaround: Restore the backup to Version 3.2.0 and then upgrade Guardium Insights from Version 3.2.0 to 3.2.x.


IBM Security Guardium Insights documentation:

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