Managing APIs with API Connect

API management features are provided by IBM API Connect, which makes it easy to create APIs and manage their lifecycles.

In API Connect, users typically manage the API life cycle by completing tasks that are based on the following roles:

API Connect admin: manage the API Connect environment and users

Configure resources, set up notifications, manage users, and control security.

API Developer: create, secure, and test APIs

Create new APIs and updates existing APIs as needed. The API developer can configure policies that define security restrictions, logging rules, and quotas that control access to your company’s resources.

API Administrator: manage API publication and security

Manage API publication and security with development catalogs, access gateways, OAuth, and execution policies to control access to your APIs and back-end systems.

Product Manager: manage API products and consumer relationships

Manage API products with a Developer Portal where you can make them available to application developers, and review API event analytics so you can monitor API usage and performance.