Adding a REST API definition

In the API Designer, you can add a REST API definition either by composing the API definition, and its operations, from scratch, or by importing an OpenAPI (Swagger 2.0) definition. In API Manager you can also discover a REST API definition in a registry.

Before you begin

Important: If you are using API Connect in the cloud, then the services that you expose must be visible on the Internet, they must not be accessible only from within your corporate intranet. However, you can use TLS profiles configured in API Manager to protect the communication channel between the API Gateway in API Connect and the services that you expose on the Internet through your DMZ. You can also use the IBM Cloud Secure Gateway service to provide secure access to your on-premises services from IBM API Connect for IBM Cloud; for more information, see About Secure Gateway.

About this task

For more information about the ways in which you can add a REST API definition, see the following subtopic: