Registering a portal service

Define one or more portal services in your API Connect on-premises cloud.

Before you begin

You must complete the following tasks:

About this task

Each Availability Zone contains one or more Portal services. The Portal service provides a developer portal used by application developers to discover APIs and onboard consumers. An email server must be configured and set as the email server for the cloud before registering a portal service.

One of the following roles is required to register and manage Portal services:

  • Administrator
  • Topology Administrator
  • Owner
  • A custom role with the Topology:Manage permission
Important: It's not recommended to have more than 100 sites per Developer Portal service. Note that it's not necessary to have a Portal site for every Catalog, for example Catalogs that are only for API Developers don't need a Portal site, as the APIs can be tested by using credentials from the API Manager. If more than 100 sites are required, you should configure additional Developer Portal services.


Complete the following steps to configure the Portal services for your cloud:

  1. In the Cloud Manager, click TopologyTopology.
  2. In the Availability Zone that will contain the Portal service, select Register Services > Portal.
  3. Enter the values to configure the Portal service.

Field Description
Title (required) Enter a descriptive title for the portal service. This title will display on the screen.
Name (required) This field is auto-populated by the system and used as the internal field name.
Summary (optional) Enter a brief description.
Management Endpoint: Endpoint (required) Enter the IP address, fully-qualified host name, service, or ingress name. Used for communication with API Manager. If configured during installation using the Install Assist utility, it is the apicup subsys set portal portal-admin


Management Endpoint: TLS Client Profile (optional) Select the TLS Client Profile that will be used to communicate with the portal service. The profile applies to the Management Endpoint.
Portal Website URL (required) The URL that will be used for public access to the portal. If configured during installation using the Install Assist utility, it is the apicup subsys set portal portal-www <portal>.<hostname>.<domainname> value. Multiple portal-www endpoints may be configured, as described here in these topics: Defining multiple portal endpoints for a Kubernetes environment and Defining multiple portal endpoints for a VMware environment.

  1. When you are finished, click Save.


The Portal service is configured in your cloud and can be used to publish APIs.